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  1. 3.0L with around 100,000 miles for $775. Good deal?
  2. duh n00b

    expect to pay like 3k if you decide otherwise

    edit: oops LOL just the engine, I dunno lol
  3. find one in a junkyard for cheaper, tell em its just some shitty taurus
  4. Id buy it, put it in my car.
  5. put in fiero
  6. Pretty sure its already been done (I know for certain the Duratec has).

    The Vulcan 3.0 OHV is pretty shit, even Tom Morana's 3.3 stroker kit doesn't make it any better. The V8 swap in these Ranger/B-Series is getting more common (Recently someone completed a Powerstroke diesel swap). The 4.0 OHV and SOHC isn't that much better than stock, however the SOHC is getting some attention after getting dropped in the Mustang.

    So that leads me to more interesting engine swaps and I found today that our salvage company has this 3.0 SHO, they also have a 3.2 for about $300 more. The only problem is their engines are shipped long block style, they do not come with the intake manifold/fuel system, water pump, oil pan, starter, or accessory drive. However they are certified in good, running condition and are warrantied for 1 year.

    The 3.0 SHO shares the same transmission bellhousing bolt pattern as the RWD Vulcan. So the pre-existing Ford AODE 4-spd will work just fine or possibly the 5-spd automatic from 2004+ Rangers.
  7. You making the Fiero front mounted engine?
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    No, it would go in my Ranger. Surprisingly its only been done once before, and by Ford:

    Most of the guys on R-F or RPS call the SHO swap "a waste of time", yet they would rather swap in a 5.0 that starts off with 50 less BHP than the SHO engine (Unless you get a fuel injected 5.0).
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    They are right. The 5 liter is a much better truck engine.
  10. Your ranger has an A4LD not an AODE. They're kinda right your going to spend probably $3000 on swapping a motor that wont even be as powerful as as an OHC 4.0. I've got a ranger with a 3.0 right now too and I might try to build a rear mount turbo for it. a couple of the whippled 3.0s on RPS are over 250rwhp with a stock longblock. The thing about a v8 swap is yeah if you put a stock carbed 302 in there from the 70-80s it will only have 150hp, but who does that. find a 302 out of an explorer with GT40 heads, put a $200 cam in it, find a used edelbrock intake and carb and you've got a 300hp motor easily for probably less then a grand. motor mounts are $22 at kragen and you drill two holes and the things mounted. with a sho v6 its not like that at all. You will probably spend more money dropping that sho v6 in then selling your truck and buying a 5 speed 4.0 ohc ranger with less then 100k on it.

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