Shoes; how many you gots?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by op, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. I think I have too many for a guy.
  2. One pair of tennis shoes. One pair of dress shoes I
    ve worn a half dozen times. One pair of boots for when the snow gets to be too much.
  3. Two pairs of sneakers that are in pretty decent condition, a couple of older beat up ones that I'll wear if I'm going to the beach or something, one pair of dress shoes. Hiking boots that don't fit anymore.
  4. Lots. Most are in storage, but I probably wear 8 pairs on a monthly basis.

    I think I have around 20 pairs total.
  5. oh shit, ya i have ``LUGZ`` boots somewhere that I wear in winters.
  6. Pair of work boots, pair of snowboard boots, and pair of shoes.

    That is all
  7. 2, but they need a replacing... probably do that in the fall.
  8. RR, what's your favorite pair?
  9. sandals
    work boots
    bball shoes
    dress shoes
  10. Brown sneakers
    White sneakers
    Soccer boots
    Spare (old) soccer boots
    Cricket shoes (spikes)
    Cricket shoes (rubbers)
    Dress shoes
    Work boots
    4 pairs of flip flops
  11. I have a pair of DCs' and dress shoes

    Dont need anymore
  12. Front/left. What are those?
  13. Random sneakers from Zara.

    The black is fake patent leather, lol.
  14. Nike slip-ons
    NB sneakers
    multilated old K-Swiss gym sneakers
    flip flops
    dress shoes
    snow boots
  15. You want to get a black and a brown pair of more traditional Oxfords or Derbys to wear with suits.
  16. I dunno, really depends on the situation and what else I'm wearing, y'know.

    Why you got 20 pairs homie? You gay lol
  17. Old stuff I didn't want to throw out and some collectibles.

    My favorite shoes are some random jordan wrestling shoes I never really wear but They are perfectly molded to my feet so I love them.
  18. i can see 14 pairs from where i am sitting...and got more in the closet....
  19. I think you're in the closet
  20. they allow thinking here? from what i have seen so far its debatable....
  21. they allow thinking here....really
  22. While that was funny...

    Easy there, New Balance sneakers at church.
  23. Sorry we don't all wear $20 velcro specials from Walmart.
  24. Jordan wrestling shoes? Pics?

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