Should automatic firearms be legal?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by FerrariAKL, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Not THAT big of a problem, you americans seem to be attracted to guns and war like gold, no matter where you look, USA is always at war, and theres always another murder by gun.
  2. Before guns, nobody ever killed anybody.
  3. After reading this whole thread, I really don't see any reason why anyone needs and automatic weapon.
  4. So according to you, everything should be illegal unless you see a need to make it legal. Great. Ever occur to you that maybe things should be legal unless there is a good reason for making them illegal?
  5. GOD DAMN your stupid. What use is having a automatic weapon? Tell me? Why are the americans so f*cking crazy about guns? Why do they have that friggin need for "power".

    Know what? F*ck that sh!t, let them be allowed in the US so you guys can all kill eachother and free us from your stupidity.
  6. We, well, at least I, would want them for fun.
  7. What's the reason for making them illegal? It has been shown repeatedly that banning guns has very little effect, if any, on the violent crime rate. Why do you think it's possible that countries like Switzerland and Sweden, which both have very high gun ownership rates (including automatic weapons), have very low crime rates? I mean, guns are terrible and make people kill each other, right? Switzerland should be the most violent place in the world. Ever occur to you that violence in society is not caused by guns?
  8. Go for swords.
  9. Allowing automatic guns = more crime, 'nuff said.
  10. Oh yeah and for the record, I do not own a firearm and will most likely never own a semi- or full-auto one. I also do not see the need for a civilian to have an automatic weapon. However, this does not mean that I feel they should be illegal.
  11. Is that right? What's your evidence of this? And explain Sweden and Switzerland.
  12. You can't say anything unless if you've shot a gun.
  13. So your saying that allowing guns will reduce crime rates?

    Swedish and Switzerlandish people are actually smart enough not to use them, unlike most americans.
  14. Ive never shot a gun and i god damn hope i never will. Guns = trouble. Worse invention ever. Ever.
  15. Have you read the #$%#ing thread? I've said repeatedly that having or not having guns has very little effect on the crime rate.

    So you're saying that violence is society is about the people, not the guns, huh? Thanks for making my point for me.
  16. I see you don't understand why people would use them for recreational use.
  17. BAM

    Ive killed someone! Yay! Lets do that again!

  18. You idiot, have you ever heard of a TARGET RANGE?

    EDIT: That's right, they probably have none in Australia.
  19. Very little effect is too much effect.

    Also, a lot of murders are "accidents", kids playing with their father's gun, and accidently shooting someone else, someone thinking their being robbed and shooting their own son, and more.
  20. Glad you noticed the /sarcasm i cleverly hid in my post.

    And im Canadian.
  21. Very little means none. There is no measurable difference.

    That does not happen very often at all and is way more than offset by the amount of times people have defended themselves against an assault, rape, or robbery by having a gun in their house or on their person.

    edit: And these accidents that do occur could be greatly lessened through proper training. If kids are taught at a young age how to handle guns, they are much less likely to use them improperly.
  22. No difference? You f*cking nuts or what? Guns make a lot of difference, guns are MEANT to kill, its what they were built for. Its like if i gave someone a nuke and said "its for recreation only".
  23. Really? Show me the evidence. And again, you forget countries with high gun ownership rates.
  24. Other countries have a smart enough population not to use them. And even then they should never be allowed.
  25. Quote from me:

    "So you're saying that violence in society is about the people, not the guns, huh? Thanks for making my point for me."

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