Should cars be banned?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by burner, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Clearly Australia will be doing this soon, should the rest of the world follow suit? It will lower car crash fatalities by almost 50% and global warming will be a non issue.
  2. it was a toss up between women and aussies.
  3. ban australia sounds good to me.
  4. ban sideburn from
    for #%$gotry and being fat
  5. yeah, I ended up going with aussies.
  6. I voted ban all women, but I meant ban aussies. But keep all cars!
  7. It will probably happen here if the Red-Green (or brown, as I call them) side wins the election in September.
  8. Something tells me that if cars are banned, traffic fatalities would be reduced more than just 50%. And global warming would still be an issue, since the global warming wackos say we're already past the point of no return.
  9. Ah, veramente!

    I voted for woman. Can choose between woman and Ass trailia burner #&%got donkey#$%#er, choose woman. Because woman quite inferior maybe.
  10. Your just jealous because most women have larger penises than Chinese men.
  11. Burner would know about penis-equipped women.
  12. lol
  13. lets leave hemi out of this
  15. I voted to ban Australia.

    I might take over the government, seeing as we dont actually have one right now.
  16. ofcourse you want to ban women, so you can go back to sharing your friends fleshlight. sick #$%#
  18. Gweilo woman maybe. Also have leg and armpit hair, have to shave, quite disgusting. Not suprised if also have humongous male organ. They also smell like gorilla.
  19. Cars should be banned in Australia and China.
  20. Fatggotry is the word you're looking for.
  22. How can we move rice if ban car?

    Not want to transport it on scooter like Vietnam nigger. Scooter is for big stereo, eveyone know that.
  23. over 2.0 is fine with me
  24. I didn't say ban rickshaws.
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