Should I Buy? MK1 VW Cabrio.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Finger Eleven, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. 1984 Volkswagen Cabriolet "OLD FANCY"
    Bronze-Grey Metallic
    2-tone brown / vinyl interior
    Tan roof
    wood grain vinyl on lower panels

    Engine rebuild @ 199kms
    current kms 229 xxx
    Cat removed, bottle resonator, turbo muffler

    Front seat bolsters upholstered in chocolate brown vinyl
    Early Bug steering wheel
    Bug Lap belts with "Wolfsburg" emblems
    chrome interior handles
    Cullen Chrome window Cranks
    1996 Golf radio
    Sony 200 w amplifier
    10"bass tube

    Paltec holeshot coilovers
    Fox steel rims
    175-70-13 tires
    Chrome Beauty Trim rings
    Rabbit hub caps
    Portawall - white wall inserts
    Flag mirrors with polished bases
    Stainless steel scratch guards
    chrome detailing
    chrome detailing on boot lid
    Bug rear deck luggage rack
    bug chrome eye lids
    Euro Chin spoiler

    2900 as is.
  2. Skateboard included?
  3. that car does look really awesome with all those additions. I didnt even know they made a mk1 cabrio
  4. get it. it's rad.
  5. Meh, $2900 could buy you so much more.
  7. I could buy a pretty decent Mk1 GTI from the states for like, 1000...
  9. Exactly.
    Or you could buy a modern car that isn't going to fall apart every day.
  10. No thanks.
  11. Or an old car that isnt going to fall apart every day
  12. No, dont buy it.
  13. Get a GM B body.
    Those are probably retro hip with the youth right now, if you just want a car for fashion purposes. I think you could make it "fully sik" and it would probably outlive you.
  14. If it's all legit and in decent condition I'd jump on it. It looks so cool.
  15. haha that's so awful! the owner is lame.
  16. n000b, i see them all the time.
  17. i don't think matchbox has made mk1convertibles.
  18. hahaha that looks so retarded <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  19. Cabrio? What are you thinking even considering this? I mean really, whitewall tires?
  20. I often see a purple one with white interior.


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