Should I get a VW GTI??

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Caparo T1 pwns all, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I may be getting a car from my parents and I'm thinking I may push for a GTI. Are there any cars that would be better for 25,000 or less? I'm 17 so I don't really want any super practical cars. I'm looking for something sporty and nice.
  2. even though i loved my GTI, i know there are better cars on the market for a similar or lower price. faster, more fun, or more practical cars in many cases. A 1 year old Mazdaspeed 3 is pretty much better in every category. Or you can get a previous gen CTS-V, or a GTO, or alot of quite fast, quite nice cars.
  3. I would say yes, but i am biased
  4. New GTi is overpriced, get a Mazda3 hatch and your friends will love you.
    If you don't have friends, get a GTi and drive around by yourself.
  5. How is a GTI not super practical, especially if you get the 4 door?
  6. get it, but sign up for SCCA club racing and do track days, get semi slicks, semi race suspension, those new carbon fiberwheels....make the VW engineers proud! dont rice it..other just get a normal can drive right?
  7. Caparo T1
  8. Honestly but, the GTI is pretty damn boring.

    Mazdaspeed3 pwns it.
  9. Caparo T1 RRV
  10. "you can drive right?"

    He's 17...
  11. your point?
  12. the new Scirocco is a better drive than the GTI
  13. Mazdaspeed3 ftw
  14. it is practical, but I'm thinking like a Civic or a Kia. I want something sporty and cool.
  15. Everyone runs after a GTI over here. Be different. If you want something sporty, get the Astra GTC. My neighbour has one. It's fuCking awesome.
  16. You think a 17 year old who has never had a car will be a good driver?
  17. I have a car. Its my bro's.
  18. dont think its in the States...
  19. Yeah, its a nice car.
  20. Cooper S, but if you ever need backseats, then the Golf is a better proposition.
  21. Shit, buy three used ones.
  22. The GTi is awesome, The Mazdashit 3 is, well shit.

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