Should I get Rainbow Six??

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Caparo T1 pwns all, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Vegas 2. thinking of getting it...
  2. so am I but it better be a lot better than COD4 in order for me to do so.

    I do like the idea of co-op campaign though.
  3. I can answer your question with a question of my own...

    Do you own any games that you haven't completely beaten yet? Anything that you're part-way through?
  4. Single player is better than COD4 (harder plus co-op) but multi isnt as good as COD4.
  5. Where's the 'no care/ban shit member' option?
  6. Wait for Gears of War 2 to come out
  7. COD4 isnt good at anytihng player.
  8. Gears of War 1 was TERRIBLE.

    I dont see how it would have gotten the reception it did if it wasn't a launch title.

    The end boss was mega easy and mega lame to kill. I just sat hella far away and just sniped him in the dome repeatedly. I only had like 12 bullets left in the gun and he still went down. Boring. I was hoping for one of those hugeass crazy mother #$%#ers like in the commercial.
  9. You're my hero!

    Gears of War was well received because it was the best game available at the time. Well, that and it met the basic needs of the average Xbox 360 owner: it looked really nice and it had ridiculously juvenile amounts of gore (see also, Dead Rising).

    But sadly, Gears of War lacked an engaging story and any semblance of level/weapon variety. The game fell short as a whole because whatever positive things it had (like co-op play) were counteracted by a hopelessly forgettable campaign mode.
  10. gears was shit, i never got why people loved it soo much, same with gaylo (halo 3), they should have kept halo 2 and upgraded the graphics, would have been an awesome game because halo 2's online was the best ever
  11. I really missed that one multiplayer level, Blood Gulch.
  12. They still have it but its been redone.
  13. I just wish that Bungie would have put more effort into the campaign/story.

    It's pretty clear that they spent most of their time on the competitive multiplayer aspect, and I feel that's a real shame because they missed a golden opportunity to end the trilogy well. Hopefully whoever makes the next Halo game does much better.
  14. is it better or no?
  15. No its stupid now.
  16. It's fun but i don't think it's better than COD4. ALl of the multiplayer maps are really small. I think the customized weapons & load out are better than COD4 though. None of this nonsense like a rapid fire UZI with extreme damage / peneration.
  17. Why end it? When the Xbox 1080 comes out there will be a Halo 8 and it will still only support 16 players online and no split screen.
  18. For once I agree with you.
  19. no rainbow six sucks balls. yes i have it.
  20. no
  21. Yeah the first vegas one was pretty shitty. The second does look better though. Rent it.
  22. Gears of War was awesome. Try facing the final boss on Hard and you'll see how hard he really was. Plus, the big thing with Gears was the multiplayer, which was awesome.
  23. I'll get a burnt copy and see if its any good
  24. if it was so awesome then why the #$%# did it only let me play one on one?
  25. Join a room with more people. Or you have a broken game.

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