Should More 4WD's have this power

Discussion in '2000 BMW X5 Lemans Concept' started by blown2000outback, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. the legendary toyota landcuriser is one of the best 4WD's ever built they are legendary in Australia. they new nissan patrol is the most powerful true 4WD in Australia 185kw that is some power.

    Toyota with their growning sucess in the CART series (indy cars) should apply that knowlage in the Landcurisers.

    P.S. i can't spell so shut up
  2. Re: Should More 4WD's have this power

    Even though I never really liked SUV's I have always had a place in my hart for this one, and it's about damn time they started giving SUV's some real power, nobody ever uses them for off-road anyway so i'm glad they gave this one hase some speed to it.<!-- Signature -->

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