Should we be in Iraq?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MiniCooperS, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. He made a very valid point. Kerry's taking a page out of Clinton's book by agreeing with everybody about everything. Some people call that flip flopping, but it really isn't. Flip flopping is when you change your position, which is sometimes good. Kerry is against the war in Iraq and for it at the same time. He's the same way with almost every other issue. He rarely takes a position on an issue. That's just like Bill Clinton and the opposite of Dubya.
  2. alright. and as far as i know, he never actually LIED about the war. being unintentionally misguided and lying are two completely different things.
  3. This poll should be closed for a stupid question.
  4. No, and I hope someone kill the bastard Bush.
  5. I'd love to see 1 of these threads where 'your side' doesn't shift the blame to a) clinton b) kerry or c) the people arguing on the other side of things
  6. you didnt even get my point did you, genius? im asking that because neither of them LIED. they had faulty information. like i already said, big difference.

    you follow? or do i need to break it down into even simpler terms?
  7. Oh I follow for sure. Do you really think that your gov't is so horribly bad at spending money, and is so stupid, that they can't get the information they need with billions upon billions of dollars in funding and years and years of research and training in intelligence procedures... thats very very unlikely. They have all the information they need to come to a solid conclusion, only the things they find may not interest them in painting the picture they want to. It isn't faulty intelligence, its just not enough information for them to spin it convincingly. Even by coldwar standards they would be able to gather enough info to be certain of something regarding the whole WMD thing. Even then, its a moot point because Israel is allowed to proceed and so is North Korea with their nuclear programs. Israel shows everyday its willingness to strike in urban areas, and their concern for the civilian population.
  8. Five countries had intelligence saying he had WMDs. That's not lying, that's going with what the intel tells you.
  9. wasnt faulty intelligence? prove it. when all the big intelligence groups in the world believed Iraq was in possession of them, tell me how that was all about 'spin'. you're failing to make sense once again.
  10. Even Russia said Iraq had WMDs, and Russia isn't even willing to help in the war. In fact, they had billions of dollars of contracts with Iraq, so saying that Iraq had WMDs was not in their best interest. Care to explain why Russia would create this "spin" as you call it?
  11. Precisely. The insurgents are generally not Iraqis, despite what the media would have you believe. In Fallujah (sp?) I heard that the people living there are actually chasing down some of the terrorists. One of al Zarqawi's commanders (or whatever they would be called) was chased down and shot in the head by Iraqi civilians.

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