Should we get rid of Mazda

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  1. Subaru has made probably three or four interesting cars ever.
  2. Although I think Subaru represents the current Japanese car industry as a whole. Everyone stopped building spaceships and started trying to build the Toyota Camry.
  3. Only Subaru that would make me think twice is the BRZ, and that's a big maybe.

    The sti is fast and sounds wonderful, but its just too close to a loud econocar with go fast bits for my current state of mind.

    But really we should all be talking about how in the hell does Mitsubishi still exist. They're like Subaru after a botched lobotomy
  4. Lots of diverting opinions in here, but granted, coming from MR2 and V70 owners this can't be taken seriously <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  5. Mazda makes better sedans than whatever Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Subaru has out now.
  6. now you are going too far, way too #$%#ing far Randy!
  7. Love how this thread backfired

    "But you guys drive MR2s what do you know hurrr hurrr"
  8. You can't backfire with a Mazda 3.
  9. subaru hasn't been the same since toyota started meddling with them. they aren't as charming and quirky anymore.

  10. Only truly interesting Subaru ever was the 22b.
  11. and the Brumby
  12. I enjoy the Mazda a lot. This poll sucks.
  13. ZOOM ZOOM!
  14. I really like the last gen Mazda 6. 2008 6 Luxury Sports pack will probably be my next car.
  15. The new skyactive diesel is pretty good

  16. Mitsubishi is still profitable because cars are only a small portion of what they manufacture.

    They make everything from nuclear powerplants to trains and elevators and warships.

    Gotta love the keiretsu.
  17. I'll take a Subaru over a Mazda any day

    lol at the ms3 being better than wrx ...

    what Mazda can I get to compare to a STI
  18. these still make me hard
  19. They're Subaru's Izusu Piazza.
  20. sti is also $35k+

    ms3 is cheaper than the wrx. has the same hp. gets better mpg. 6 speed instead of 5. from my experience of driving has a much better clutch. way better seats. plus leather over cloth. interior is light years better. more reliable. looks better (looks are subjective but that sedan is pig ugly. the hatch is better but i like the mazda more).

    the only thing the wrx has over the ms3 is awd. doesn't justify the price premium. i looked at both cars and the gti and for what you got per price the mazda just seemed like the better deal all around.

    my first car was a legacy and i loved it dearly. my second car was a protege and it was really nice. i had plenty of love for both companies going into the purchase decision.
  21. sucks how bad subarus have gotten lately tbh. the legacy is just a wannabe camry with awd now, total shame. the all plastic, fake chrome interior is something even GM would be embarrassed to put in a car. you used to be able to justify the premium price of a subaru but i don't see it anymore
  22. Mazda at least tries to have a brand identity in the post "Zoom-Zoom" days. Subaru just makes frumpy cars for people scared of snow.
  23. Please define snow, as you guys get 2mm and crash into everything.

  24. yeah but I like the Isuzu Piazza too

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