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  2. i want to hit whoever ruined that Lagonda

    in the face

    with a bigass shovel
  3. lol i guess you havent seen the one with chrome donk wheels

    who cares lagandas are shit cars
  4. They're private sellers, those good deals (i.e. 2008 for $25k). Meaning scumbag scammers are finally expanding out from scam ads on Craiglist to more legitimate listing services.
  5. scam obviously
  6. ya, this has to be it. not bad. better than the "2008 BMW M5 FOR $2000" cl scam ads
  7. why dont the y get moderated?
  8. why yes, [email protected], that looks like a legitimate ad. i mean, a woman would never lie and she would take great care of her car so I can trust this as.
  9. maria is also a mexican sounding name and they are a very trustworthy race from a nice, safe, stable country
  10. The white one? All they did was put big ugly wheels on a big ugly car.
  11. the DB7's from dealers seem reasonable. That car would be near perfect if not for that steering wheel.
  12. and that blue DB9 volante has only 8 cylinders
  13. Hence why its so cheap then
  14. is this some car nerd joke? i do not understand, dont most cars ahve cylinders?
  15. because its scam yuo
  16. 05 db9 for $25k.. Yeah, I'll be right over.
  17. hey guys, I bought it. it's pretty tite. the seller had the extra four cylinders but wanted too much for them so i passed on those.
  18. god damnit i was gonna #$%#ing say this !
  19. Hello,

    this is abdule'o cocco, from Brazzaville. I have this brand new STI in a container in Montreal, for sale at 5000$. If you send me the money today, I will deliver the keys via EXPRESS POST UPS DAY-1 DHL service today, no issue.

    Let me know! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Abdule'O Cocco
  20. Oh hi, im in Montreal, I will meet you!

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