Simca Arianne 4

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    Simca Arianne 4

    In 1954, Ford France was preparing the Versailles as the replace for the Vedette, using an old V8, but just before the launch, Simca bought Ford France and adopted this model for itself. They rebadged the 5000 already produced Versailles and sold it above the Arond. In 1957, an update (specially in the brakes, which were pretty bad) changed the name to Chambord; as a result of the Suez Canal crisis they decided to release a 1300cc 4-cyl model with the Versailles looks named Arianne, which would sell until 1963, including an 8-cyl model named Arianne 8.
  2. My grandad had a Simca Aronde, according to him it was "beaten down and hilariously unreliable"

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