Singapore is awesome

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by F1LM My Car, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. Fact. Everyone who has been here will agree, everyone who hasn't needs to get here now.
  2. pay for my trip
  3. Pictures/stories?
  4. My parents are in singapore as i type this. Its crap, Hong Kong is better.
  5. singapore is good..but Hong Kong is better
  6. Hong Kong is the Asian destination. Although I do want to go to Japan.
  7. Just don't get caught with a can of spray paint, and you'll be fine.
  8. Last time i was in Singapore, I was in the airport smoking area (this little garden on the roof) and while i was sucking down nicotene, I heard this massively loud noise. I was like 'thats not a 747' and two seconds later 2 F16s, followed by an F18 did this massive arc, directly above the airport. It was cool, but weird as hell for fighter jets to be low flying over a busy civilian airport.
  9. Singapore is sick ass. love it.
    Storie went into a comdom shop and there was one with a cow head on the end. like a teady.
  10. The newest, most stupid member. The new Village idiot. FORDFORD, you're fired.
  11. I don't think anyone can compete with FORDFORD, seriously.
  12. Not quite, but I'm pretty sure this guy must have shared the same womb with FORDFORD.
  13. must be from south australia.....
  14. Haven't been to HK yet (well, nothing but the airport), that and Kuala Lumpur are the next two Asian destinations for me. I've got some pics and what not, I'll post them later. I've never seen so many German cars in my life.
  15. I wouldn't like to be in a place that has death penalty for pot smokers
  16. First of all, I don't know if it's drug use that carries the death penalty, or just drug trafficking. Second, it's not a place to be if you violate more or less any law ever, they don't screw around. It's a $500 fine for dancing in public.
  17. it was that law strictness that i was referring to not necessarily pot, they are way to uptight
  18. It sure as hell keeps the crime down.
  19. Is that the place that is next to Timezone or just above it? I think i been in that place you're talking about.
  20. Its above the main departure lounge, near the duty free shops. I dont remember any timezone...
  21. Yeah that's the one. I was there in 99 and i remember seeing a Timezone because i thought it was pretty wierd.
  22. I also hear singapore has a bureau of censors, thatseizes any imported films (including anime) and actually edits out anything even remotely deemed to be offensive by them. Thats pretty crappy.
  23. As is usual, a sentence starting with "I hear" isn't true. You need a permit to import films into the country, and they have to be rated by the local authorities, but the only editing done is by the filmmaker if they want a lower rating.
  24. Re: the jetplanes, IIRC Singapore is the most militerized country (per capita) in the world. Eerily fascist...

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