Single Exhaust?

Discussion in '2000 Bugatti 18/4 Veyron Concept' started by skyrage, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This car has 18 cylinders and only one exhaust? or is that just one tail pipe conected up to dual exhaust? It would be wierd if this monster only had single exhaust. good lookin' car but whats up with the tiny displacement / bhp?<!-- Signature -->
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    Looks like its just a single tailpipe prolly 2 into 1<!-- Signature -->
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    this shiznit sucks. a W engine would use 4 headers... why the hell would it not run quads? are they afraid of the extra horses? I really don't think they are... the way they designed this car was for an extremely quick lemans car. I'd also change a lot of stuff myself and it would probably make a difference. I'd put in the quad turbos and run a supercharger for each side of the engine and run a 4 or 8 tip massive exhaust that would sound probably about a billion times deeper and about twice as loud... immagine that roar deep as hell and loud enough to wake the dead on american roads<!-- Signature -->
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    see the 2001 veyron 16/4 concept for the quad
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    The torque and the hp are tiny but ya'll wait till ya see da Veyron 16/4 with 1001hp. Oh Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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