sinkhole opens inside Corvette museum

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Innotech, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. wtf. That sucks. Hope they can recover the cars.
  2. all it takes is time and money. I'm sure they'll all get restored
  3. Corvette museums can't handle.
  4. Interior quality is shit.
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  6. hahah
  7. I'm surprised the roof didn't come off.
  8. Lol keep going guys, good stuff
  9. disappointed nobody has mentioned BLUE DEVIL

    maybe the sink hole was created by dark matter
  10. quarter mile time?
  11. Haha
  12. +1
  13. Expect more sinkholes under corvettes, looks like somebody's paying back his debt to satan
  14. come back to general chat randy
  15. Come back to my life randy
  16. Come back to my fat tits randy

  17. Jeez, that sucked. All those poor 'vettes!
  18. GM Museum interiors can't handle..probably made of plastic too.
  19. There's probably a chance that one of these could be hey!
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  21. so a hole in the ground is more interesting to people than the "legend" that is the corvette?

  22. It's not really a hole in the ground. It's a hole in the museum. You can see holes in the ground anywhere, but a little light natural-disaster-induced carnage? Not so much. You could open up a sinkhole in pretty much any museum, and people would flock to see it.

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