Six Italians Killed in Germany

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ajzahn, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. why do you need guns when you can stick a dynamite up hemi's ass
  2. Not in the USA because you can kill anyone who threatens you, your family and your property according to the 2nd amendment. But in Europe you can't do nothing because there is no second amendment. If you injury a trashcan you will pay medicare for him and go to jail instead of him. Gun laws are not the best in Europe.
  3. i don't get why you move to america if you don't like it here.
  4. If it was like that then I would kill anybody that I didn't like and say that person threatened me. It's not that simple.
  5. i will blow your #$%#ing shithead with a 50bmg barrett and you will see how you will look nice
  6. That's not entirely true. I think the best place in regards to gun laws and the way they are perceived is Switzerland.
  7. i would buy myself a gun too if i were in swizterland, so i could shoot myself.
  8. Plz go to switzerland.
  9. Am I the only one who thinks bringing up gun control with what this story is about is trying a little too hard?

    Bad guys killed bad guys and we're bringing up another gun control thread?
  10. "In the first-ever case of southern Italy's mafia exporting a vendetta to another country,"


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