Skyline back as Nissan GT-R

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  1. "" The valve system for instance, isn't the on/off vtec style system of the RB26DETT and instead, an infinitely variable valve system. ""

    Porschemania, the RB26 never had any kind of variable valve system.
  2. Like I said, Subaru's is a 65% rear maximum system, I imagine mitsubishi's is similar. Attesta-ets is better because in normal circumstances the car handles as if it were RWD. Infact by the removal of a single fuse the car is 100% rear wheel drive. Although it may not be as complex the end result is just as good.
  3. you can actually weld the tranny to make it 100 percent rwd. some subie guys do this but it seems really tail happy once this happens.
  4. In an R32 you take out 1 fuse and its fully RWD.
  5. Well, if its RWD you're after then u can always just take the front axle off. But that would hardly be an advantage because the reason why AWDs are heavier are due to the extra parts that make it AWD. You still have to carry the weight of the front diff and the engine's higher position on the diff. You won't lose much weight and neither will you have much speed advantage. Cars that are designed to be AWD usually stay AWD in modded or race trims.

    The only area where such system becomes a noticeable disadvantage is when drifting. But Skyline GTRs, atleast since the R32 were never drift friendly.

    The Attesa-ets pro occasionally acting as 100% doesn't make it superior than subaru and mitsubishi systems. I'm hoping that it will take some cues from the 911 turbo. Its the only AWD car that uses extra power as stability control as opposed to brakes.
  6. You would be way better off just going with a GTS(-t) if your looking to drift. GTR's are not good obviously because of AWD, and it would be straight up stupid to convert a GTR to RWD. You'd may as well just swap an RB26 into a GTS using the RB25 tranny.

    Guess that wasn't entirely necessary, but just a little elaboration. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  7. Seconded
  8. You're still missing my point. RWD has better turn in and generally less understeer than fulltime AWD. The GT-R then has the advantage of AWD to take care of acceleration upon exit of a corner.
  9. Thing is however, that you keep carrying all that extra (AWD) weight for nothing, if you decide that take out that fuse.
  10. mk1 escort for inspiration
  11. i have to agree and say that if you wanted rwd you should have gotten a GTS to begin with rather then mess up a good and expensive GTR.
  12. give me an R8 instead
  13. please... leave uncombarable cars that have nothing to do with the toppic out of it.
  14. 1) I dont know how I'd be messing it up
    2)The GTR is better for alot more reasons than AWD
    3)I would keep it AWD. My only point was Attesa-ETS tends not to understeer as much as Subaru and Mitsubishi's systems.
  15. What a load of crap, you were wrong just admit it. Everyone can be wrong but you just keep acting like an idiot after you've been proven wrong.

    Damn this thread looks like it belongs in the indies.
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  17. It probably will be somewhat comparable actually, they're aiming for similar demographics.

    Personally though, on the strength of what we've seen and heard so far, I'd take the Nissan.

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