SLK 55 vs Corvette Z06

Discussion in '2001 Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMG' started by Gamer55, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. I saw this comparison in a motortrend mag and the Z06 won in everything!!!
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    dont f***ing bother comparing it to a V8 supercar you f***ing prat its a V6 roadster compare it to its 6 cylinder BMW rivals! M roadster that has only got 3.2 litre? try it u f***ing weirdo!
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    well motor trend doesn't always pick the best cars for a shootout
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    Stupid....just stupid...

    I am getting so sick of people coming in here and comparing a car to another which yhas comepletely different aims, and is in an entirely different class.

    My list of most anoying thigs in a forum: (not in order)

    1)People comparing two or more cars which are inentirely different catogories. e.g. Luxury roadster compared to a supercar.

    2)People comparing modified cars to a stock car.
    e.g. 'My 700hp Supra will smash this merc and cost me 70k less!!'

    3)People who make a statemtnt without backing it up in any way (excluding those who are merely stating opinions, and claim no more)

    4)People who post immature messages such as 'this ferrari car is a POS and it suck lots of A$$'

    5)People who brag about soemthing they opbviously dont have.
    e.g. 'man, i have a McLaren F1, its unbelievable!!' (then posting photos of 'their Mclaren' from another supercar site.

    6)People who say a car is better for a reason whoch is irrelevant, such as those saying a car is better because it is made in a particular country.
    e.g. "britich cars are the best", "jap cars suck"

    7)People who do not respect the views and opinions of others, but expect respect from others. (unless these views are offensive or unfounded)

    thank you.
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    He is the stupidest guy I've ever seen, maybe with ronaldo...
    the SLK32 and Corvette are never to be compared
    more of that, He posted SLK55, 55!! heheh! i never heard of a SLK55 heheh fUnny one
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    If a guy maid a mistake id dosent mean you are smarter then him & "ronaldo".
    I mean what did that guy do to you man!!!!
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    that Ronaldo guy got banned after 10 posts, he really must have been a moron.
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    There is no V8 SLK. And it would be wrong to compare a 3.2 with a huge american V8 Z06!
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    Yoouuu gotta be kidding me.
    It's Terrence and Phillip!!!
    "Shut your f****** face, Uncle F*****...
    You're a m********** sh**, Uncle F*****...!"
    haha you should play Cartman in South park hehe
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    hey i dont know when you said that but there is the new SLK 55 V8 AMG coming out real soon. and what u said @ the bottom about GERMAN CARS BEING THE BEST...YOU R 2 RITE! i own n AMG so i should know!!!
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    Well he did say it in a 'big-headed' way....

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