Slow peice of crap

Discussion in '1997 McLaren F1 GT' started by FeLiX93, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Why are you so STUPID as to realize and RESPECT the truth - cause the truth hurts. This car is the centuries most perfectly engineered car ever built. Every thing is perfect. And saying that your DOG could outrun it just shows how idiotic and immature you can be. Why lie like that?! It is NOT over appreciated, and its price is quite understandable. Look at its weight. They calulated the #'s countless times to achieve the perfect weight. The ergonomics and just McLaren's plain INGENEUVITY shows the designers pure briliance. How old ARE you anyways. Everyone that reads this is going to find out your ignorance. Study and consider what I said to you, because I'm trying to knock some logical SENSE into your hollow cranium. <!-- Signature -->
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    SHUT UP!
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    THIS is the most perfectly built car in the world everything is perfect and u no it ur just #$%#in jealus
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    go back to kindergarten and learn how to spell piece properly, u dumbass. if this is a piece of crap then the murcielagos not? gods u r one stupid prick.
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    u have to respect this car, part Mclaren, part BMW. built to perfection, a tough car to beat, 0-62mph in a competetive time, has a tough top end, the price? who cares, its worth it. if this was to hit ur dog at top speed, man thatd be funny to see ur dog explode
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    There must be so many jokes about guys like you and i cant think of one. do any of you guys out there think that we should throw this stupid prick of the website. Your number 1 car is a lambo m and your calling this slow. get your facts right shitbrains.Just for the record. P I E C E not peice #$%# nut.
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    At least you admit to not owning a car. I wouldn't want to be mislead to think you're old enough to drive or anything like that.

    (funny post by the way<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> )
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    its a funny post coz the guys a friggin retard.
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    u need to be banned
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    as the crowed raises to their feet cheering and screaming
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    Felix u are damn right!The F1 and especially the F1 LM is the perfect road-going and road-legal machine!

    THANX to Gordon Murray and all the others as well to Ron Dennis who made this project come true!
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    guess wat.................YOUR A FUCKIN RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the most pefectly built car ever if one day in my life i own one ill come to your house give u a test drive. THEN FUCKIN RUN U OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    SHUT UP YOU DAMN PIECE OF F%$#CKING BULLSHITT!!!!!! If i ever catch you dissing this car again i will get you SO bad....
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    I swear, if i ever get filthy rich and I get this car, after I take it out for a test drive i wil F*CKIN RUN YOU OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Exactly, you don't own a car, because you are prolly #$%#in 2 years old and can't drive or even afford a used fiero...So up your's, *****. PS. To everybody who has a little bit of common sense: His #$%#in dog would be a splatter on the windsheild if it tried to catch up with the Mac F1 GT. Wouldn't you agree. Then the kid would prolly be the splatter next to the dog!!! LOL
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    why the hell do people get so angry when a car they like gets bashed? It's not like anyone on these forums owns any of the cars valued at over $50,000. I can see you want to keep your cars respect up, or whatever, but someone saying something dumb isnt going to affect the car at all, unless you make it do so.
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    I hate Fuckin' newbies. You say you don't have a car? Hmmmm....could it be because your too #$%#in' YOUNG to drive??? Or is it because you're just a poor-ass jealous little bastard who can only dream of owning this McLaren? Morons like you come on to this site and bash the greatest cars in the world just to get attention. You don't provide any usful information regarding the machines and can only express your infantile remarks about them. YOU DON'T KNOW JACK ABOUT CARS SO SHUT THE **** UP! The McLaren is one of the finest machines to ever be put on God's green Earth. Fag.

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