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  1. Me personaly i would have to go with the slr because its my favorite car.even though the enzo does perform better there is just something i like about the slr
  2. that is so true i agree with you totally even though the enzo is a better car i would rather have the slr personally cause i like it more
  3. the enzo isn't strictly a track car, and your not suppose to use it everyday. It was designed to be a road car for the road.
  4. they are both ugly and overated
  5. U have a picture of a McLaren, and if u like mclaren then take slr
  6. Better in what ?
  7. SLR is my personal choice. Beautiful design, brutal engine noise, its just the whole package that appeals to me. The Enzo is a great car, but just doesn't have the lasting appeal, like all the other 'F-..' series cars that were released
  8. Enzo for me.
  9. Enzo for me.
  10. Enzo. And your all fools. Except for Erica Ferrari above me.
  11. SLR McLaren. Why u may ask? Short answer: It's a Mercedes. Besides, ENZO is just too expensive. Good, but expensive.
  12. Beyonce has one. That's a plus, probably the reason I'd take this over an enzo! Nothing like a hot chick with a nice car, eh?
  13. Yeah I heard about that. Personally, I'd take this over an Enzo because I think Ferrari's are stupid and overrated. MB for life!
  14. SLR. It looks cooler, it's cheaper, and speed is about the same. Enzo is a waist.

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