Small sportscar for travelling around Europe

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ging, Aug 28, 2010.

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  2. This is the point where test drives come into play
    For the money I wouldn't leave one for the other
  4. the only real reason to go for a 1.6 is insurance costs, but what i found was that the difference is negligible, so you may as well have the 1.8 and have more fun.
  5. btw, youll need to buy a bunch of stuff to go to the continent, you buy a kit at halfords for about £30, it has everything to cover all the country's laws.
  6. iirc they said the 1.6 was better than the 1.8 in wheeler dealers.
  7. mike brewer is a twat.
  8. Late to the thread, and not a convertible, but what about something like an AudiS3/VWR32? the late 90's models go for about 3000, and it has more space and pace than most of what you've listed.
  9. lol no

    the absolute cheapest S3 is £3100 and is high milage (96000) and is quite tatty (lots of dints/scratches, trim missing, knackered interior)

    and the cheapest Golf R32s start at £6500

    and they would rape my wallet with fuel costs
  10. lol this is such a stupid suggestion
  11. It's almost as stupid as 20% of people voting for the GTV.
  12. oh definately.
  13. what's so bad about the GTV, it's only the 2 litre

    (apart from the fact it will probably blow up)
  14. So intense.

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