Sneak preview: 2006 Audi A7

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. ... the big brother of the VW Touareg/Porsche Cayenne,
    15cms longer than these two,
    shares the platform with the Lamborghini LM00X,
    to be released by the end of 2005 with a
    4.2-liters V8 FSI engine, 345 hp and a 3.0-liters V6 TDI engine, 225 hp
  2. The LM00X will be fitted with a restricted V10 engine (sames as the Gallardo) and, later, the new V12, 640hp engine of the Murcielago´s successor
  3. Repost pictures, please
  4. They work fine for me!
  5. I cant make the pics big. Are the pictures to the right the Lambo?
  6. please repost the pics!
  7. yep, i posted this news before. i still dont like the idea of using two differnt engines in one model. it is lambo, all cars should have the same options.
  8. The question on my mind is are the A7 and the Toureg sharing the V10 TDi ?
  9. Both "designs" suck cock.
  10. Now Audi wants a piece of the SUV market. Aren't they a little late in joining the game?
  11. Looks like it needs to be higher if it wants to really go off road.
  12. who wants to go off road in 4X4s? purchasers of 4X4s just want a feeling of invincibility as they drop their kids off to school, to be able to intimidate other road users, and to make sure if they get in an accident while they are applying their lipstick in the vanity mirror that they get off without even breaking their nail while the person they hit experiences what it must be like to be a sardine in a tin can.
  13. Maybe they think avant quattro models aren't big enough for some people and they did have a sort of SUV kind of car the Allroad.
  14. i never liked SUV's and will absolutely not love the lambo one.
    if you want a 4x4, just buy a real one. like a range or a landcruiser
  15. OK... Rant coming on...


    If you want to go quickly buy a sports car...

    If you want to go off road buy a Land Rover...

    What is the current fashion for high performance 4X4s all about. They are neither very fast on the road (in comparison to similarly priced sports cars) or any good off road.

    I'm even starting to wonder about the guys at Solihull and their 'Range Stormer'. I know the Range Rover was the first of this breed and has a lot to answer for but at least it never moved from the original intention of being a vehicle that could be used in the fields during the day and then take you to the opera in the evening. (The new Range Rover is actually more capable off road than a Defender).

    These new high performance 4x4s should be avoided at all costs. Any company producing them is simply jumping on a bandwagon (that's probably being towed by a Rangie... I know).

    I despise them...
  16. still waiting for a repost of the pics
  17. How is this the Touareg/Cayenne big brother?

    More like Touareg sister/Cayenne Cousin.

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  18. Its is bigger/larger than the Touareg/Cayenne,
    build on a new platform with a different/longer wheelbase
  19. The only competitor: 2006 Mercedes G-class?
  20. ok then, thanks for the clarification.
  21. It's also 150kg lighter then the Touareg!

    In the german Autobild magazine they say that the Lambo engine will have 420 instead of 500 hp but 550 instead of 510 NM of torque.

    They also say that a V12TDI with 6.0L, 400hp and 1000 (!)NM of torque could be possible!!!
  22. this car is not my cup of tea sorry.
  23. From those thumbs it looks ugly
  24. Thats looking too watered down too

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