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  1. Fix everything with a pill. Humanity didn't survive for thousands of years prior to the invention of psychotropic medication.
  2. Ya they just locked up all the crazies together and problem solved now we have pills and therapy trying to integrate them to society #$%# that
  3. I don't know why it's such a hard concept for you guys. It's been proven that feeding children all the things that people seem to think is normal... like soda pop, froot rollups and twinkies, peanut butter jam sandwich, milk shake, candy, and chocolat bar causes behavioural disorders such as attention deficit, hyperactivity, and increased aggression. Now think about a lifetime of poor eating... you don't think this trend would continue past childhood? I don't get why your immediate assumption is that the poor guy is crazy.
  4. just coo coo for cocopuffs right ?
  5. i'me talkin about couch potatoe gamer/potheads who live on gym mats or similar
  6. def. eliminate the government conspired "milk" from your diet ASAP.
  7. also in canada i always see fat old people in lil scooters or pushing themselves behind walker things .. but in Netherlands i saw basically no fat old people, and most of them were riding bikes.

    coincidence .. hmm
  8. they are in prison
  9. ugh gotta get up and go biking before i can go jogging
    this sucks just wanna drink pop and eat chips
    think im just gonna watch tv instead
  10. youre going to turn into jack nickelsin from the shining
  11. already bought an axe
  12. if america started biking, it would be a whole lot less obese.
  13. we will never bike
    america and i want to be like the people in walle
    floating around on chairs with biggulps and tv screens
  14. what was that stuff they were eating out of this big tubs
    i want all my food to come in a tub from now on
    try regular flavored tub, from the makers of new tub
  15. somewhere in netherlands...

    wake up, ~6am

    -drink some black koffie (small cup, maybe 20cL) and eat some broodje with perhaps a peice of fruit
    -geton your fiets and peddle to your occupation / destination
    -after work, you can simply peddle to your fave pub or cafe and enjoy some mineral water or a beer / wine with your friends

    somewhere in USA...

    wake up, ~9am because you're exhausted from gaming all night and smoking/freebasing street drugs and then pop a couple anti-depressants and some other misc. pills to get you going

    -drink a MONSTRE energy can ~900mL or something huge ass you know..
    -breakfast? #$%# it, you're late for your job.
    -get into your car and speed to your job
    -after work rush home and log on to the wOW server or play Team Halo 2 or whatever on your XBOX 3 until 2am while smoking drugs and guzzling RED BULL shots and stuffing potatoe chips into your face.

  16. what was it?
  17. oh yeah?
    what should i get now
    i think ill try a tub of lunch
    already had a tub of breakfast this morning
  18. oh ffs, move here already
  19. lol. 9am? lol.
  20. the problem is in america excercise is walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes while doing tai bo or zoomba or some stupid fad workout and then eating Proten bars .. and people who simply put excercise into their daily life, like walking or cycling are looked down on because they aren't in a ford taurus sedan merging onto the super highway while sipping durian.

  21. i would but everything coss so much!!
  22. who looks down on those people
  23. lol its not that expensive.
  24. enourmous fatbodies
  25. you do from the window of your cage, cager.

    *beep beep honk*
    *looks at guy in car*
    *guy in car looks straight ahead pretends not to see me*

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