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  1. The only REAL solution to having a stable mind and a GREAT fashion sense is to join the Canadian Air Force.
  2. I do not think that anyone's assumption is that this guy is crazy, but your immediate assumption is that it is his diet causing these issues.

    I am enjoying the lecture on the potential dangers of sugar, partly due to it being a stimulant, from someone that was may have been smoking a cigarette while typing it. While the scientific research on the effects of sugar on children is mixed, the dangers of smoking are slightly more proven.
  4. Have any of you tried prayer,
  5. I completely agree.
  6. was that directed at me? why would i lie on the internet?
  7. .
  8. Sure, smoking might cause myriad health problems in 30-40 years of abuse, depending on how heavy you smoke.

    Poor diet can cause diabetes in less than 5.

    So there.
  9. i had a poor diet for 20 years
    no diabetes
  10. forgive me father
  11. Also, as far as pot, I stopped smoking pot like a month ago when word got around that my grandmother was concerned. I know I was talking about pot in the other thread but it was only ever meant to be a short term band aid to a bigger problem that most recently ended up exploding in my face.
  12. Look at it this way... at least you didn't accidentally have sex with your mother
  13. What? She fell, tripped landed on his dick?
  14. think about teh baby before u get all crazy
  15. Bruce Willis or Eminem?
  16. without meds I keep stocking gold and ammo and shit
    every time I take in my dd, I look in amazement how much I stocked this time
    in my panic room, which I wasn't aware of building either
  17. I think, if he's the one who accidentally had teh sex, he tripped, and came in the same hole he came out.
  18. lol
  19. So why do you smoke it is so unhealthy for you?
  20. Well you can't post things so intentionally vague like "try honesty" and then be all sarcastic when I try to figure out what you're talking about.
  21. I'm not without my vices, we're all just human.
  22. Oh shit you got me thinking, I meant eminen but I remember willis said it forgot what movie thiugh ughh
  23. Last Boy Scout
  24. 8 mile

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