so anti anxiety medication

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by maserati, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. the last boy scowt
  2. No moo disorder is right don't confuse me
  3. pullp fictien
  4. jurassic park
  5. look whose talking 2
  6. The last scount in 8 miles
  7. Live free or last scout
  8. the last boy monkey 12?
  10. how is your jaw now maser?
    don't become a mental and do something silly

    also alphonse, dutchies do NOT get up at 6am, they are a bunch of lazy bastards, you will be lucky if one is awake before 9am, and some get up as late as noon
  11. I woke up at 5.30 you sob
    appointments before work
    I'm so hcore
  12. in the PM maybe yeah
  13. so AM that I'm still lonely like matchbox 20
  14. Whoa ging that bird with the fixie shirt is hot
  15. 10am just woke up

    hell eyah
  16. you sound like you should be on lithium
  17. psychiatrist could be helpful
  18. My jaw is doing great tbh. It's like 2+ months now and I still have to wear elastics to make sure that it aligns correctly, but I should be out of those and braces before Christmas so I'm definitely looking forward to that.

    I'm trying not to become a mental.
  19. if you say that really fast 10 times, it'll sound like "I'm trying not to become Emmental"
  20. i don't like the language they speak in emmen. in fact, i only like the zoo there.
  21. yeah, I really need to go there again too, I heard it became even bigger than it was already, so awesome
  22. hey she's a British singer, therefore there is a large percentage chance that she is a public cum guzzling slut who gets drilled and jizzed in the ass and the face by her fans after singing.

  23. eww, dutch cheese!

    I love many things about Lolland, but the food is not one.
  24. swiss cheese! sweese!

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