so everyone who does like this car understands

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  1. Dodge did better in 91' with an inline-4 than 02' civic!!!

    Damm put a big tail-pipe on this and it would be the next euro champ!!! In 91' this was not bad!!!
  2. Re: Dodge did better in 91' with an inline-4 than 02' civic!!!

    unless this isn't n/a, dodge did better in 91 with an inline-4 than almost anyone ever. even if it is turbo/supercharged, those are still damn good numbers to get out of an i-4.
  3. the best car aside from the viper that dodge ever made...

    the best car aside from the viper that dodge ever made...
  4. This car is a JOKE!

    This has to be the biggest BULLSHIT i have ever seen!!! LOOOL a dodge Spirit that goes 0-60 in 5.8 seconds? What kind of shit is this. It makes me want to laugh that people are dumb enough to even post this car. This is something a 80 yr old lady would drive, def not a supercar.

    my grandma has one of these, i don't consider this a super car, what is it doing here??

    I agreeee

    You suck man!!! this car can beat any 300zx first you should drive one of this cars and know how they run and then talk

    are u crazy man?
    this a great car....whit small modifications u can run 1/4 of mile in
    14 secs
    it is one of the best cars by chrysler

    Jersey, i have driven one, their pieces of shit, they couldn't outporform a 300ZX

    OK;OK .... we can talk too much about the topic butyou cant say that is a piece of shit; i really like the 300zx and respect it but the reality that i have seen is another, i mean you need to see it to believe it....


    I've seen both cars, and driven both cars, the 300ZX is a whole heck of a lot better

    Have you noticed that this is not your typical Spirit, it is the limited R/T version. Have you even noticed it has a 2.2 DOHC 16v intercooled turbo engine? Did you knew the head of this engine was designed by Lotus?

    Don't jump into uninformed opinions just because you donŽt like the car. This R/T cars are fast, maybe not like a Ferrari, but indeed faster than the 'every day' cars most of the people drive.

    Seriously, these things are no joke. I own two of them. It's not the usual crappy V6 Spirit that everyone's gramma has! They come with a 2.2L, forged pistons, 16 valve head by lotus, turbod/intercooled, the works. In stock form it ran 14.4@97mph, and weighs over 3200 pounds. With an exhaust and a manual boost controller it's high 13s at over 100mph.

    What honduh can do that <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->

    If you cannot manage 250hp on a front wheel car.. if you can't rush the freeway at 155 mph no worring if your japanesse toy car to dissamble... if you can't run 12 sec on 1/4 mile... if you don't know what feels to pass Mustangs and all those funcky cars...

    You really don't know about this specific motor managed by Lotus and Dodge...

    You don't know that this "exclusive" production in 1991 , 1992 and 1993 ( not talking of your granma Spirit ES )which includes the Dodge Spirit, Dodge Daytona and Chyrsler Phantom ( hell! I'm sure you don't know the last one )

    I know the 300ZX... yes they are great cars! But you cannot imagine the face of the people when they see this "family car" rushing at 150 mph...

    If you want to talk about some material that is exclusive and rare ( not as your 1,000,000 300ZX that are in the highways ) please feel free to reply and blame the 200 R/T's people at
    search under RT Mailing List or or send an email to

    Connect to the Internet: "$20 with my Mastercard"
    Looking at your face and wonder what you are thinking: "Priceless"

    David Vera
    1992 Phantom R/T ( what the hell is a Phantom R/T )
  15. Re: check your #'s rice boys!

    according to Road & Track... 91 Spirit RT.
    runs 14.2 stock...this "G-mas car" is faster than both the 300Z twin turbo (15.1 stock) & the mitsu-stealth twin turbo (14.8 stock)
    i just love running into guys like you on sat. nite :)<!-- Signature -->

    It's funny, I was at the track with my buddy who owns a 300Z, mildly built too I might add. It's quick, but nowhere near the potential of my Spirit. He fell victim to my Dodge that day.

    My Grandma has owned one of these! I think they're big pieces of crap! Come on guys, stick with the REAL supercars!<!-- Signature -->

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from RT 16V</i>
    <b>1992 Phantom R/T ( what the hell is a Phantom R/T )
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    is a renamed Chrysler Le Baron coupe...
    for some strange reason Chrysler loves changing its coupe cars' names when they sell them in Mexico.

    the Chrysler Le Baron became the phanton, and the sebring became the cirrus...

    <IMG SRC="">

    my cousin own an R/T, my dad owned a regular (ES) Spirit and man, these are different cars, there's no point on comparing the R/T because it feels, and drives completely different.<!-- Signature -->

    I have Raced and destroyed a 300ZX Running 20psi.
    I was in my Spirit with 4 friends running 9psi.
    We went from a stop and a roll, I gave him the jump both times and both times I walked away from him like he was in reverse.
    Did the same with a supposed 11sec twin turbo supra.
    I am stock execpt for a cat-back exhaust.
    I went 13.8 on street tires.
    I beat a mustang down the highway at over 150mph.
    I have heard all the sh*t from guys like you who think this car is slow, but no one has beat me yet.
    I know what a 300zx is capable of, but you have NO IDEA! what the Spirit R/T is capable of.


    From its looks it could be anything from a Nissan to a Mazda!

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Cam1</i>
    <b>From its looks it could be anything from a Nissan to a Mazda!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    cmon don't give me that
    this car doesn't look at all like a Jap-crap

    I dont really like the old K-design, its old school, even for that era, and this one was the last K car... with its straigt C pillar and the Dodge crosshair signature grille that gave it the >"ah so boxy" styling, but ...
    it was a wolf in sheep's clothing<!-- Signature -->

    These cats don't know shit about logic man. THE STATS ARE RIGHT HERE! How can you call it slow when the stats right here are plainly stating that it's not slow! Road & Track even had an article about this car stating it was amazing for what it is. For all you other fools, Your gandma doesnt own this version of the Spirit cause if she did you would remember how fast it was!

    These guys go buy looks alone and don't even read the stats that are plainly laid out on the page.

    However I still would rather have a 300ZX.

    Nissan/Datsun, the best Japanese auto manufactuer.
    Bentley the best Manufacter.
    M5 Aruguably the worlds best car.
    Bugatti Verynon The best car for Me.
    Seirra C3 Lingenfelter Best Pickup truck.
    Ford F650 SUPERCREWZER the best Truck.<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey 300zxmaniak you need to get some knowledge on the dsr/t before you bash it man!!! And im sure your grandma drives a dodge spirit but not a dodge spirit r/t (they're very rare if you get my drift!) I doubt you have even driven one. There is alittle thing on here called the car compare and you might want to compare the DSR/T to your crappy little import!<!-- Signature -->
  25. bad ass car!

    it's great that the people at put the spirit r/t on here.but this isn't the only 4 door car that should be on here.they should add the Ford Taurus SHO the Ford Contour SVT and the Chevy Impala SS. all of them have modified versions that should be considered supercars.

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