so everyone who does like this car understands

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  1. Re: Dodge did better in 91' with an inline-4 than 02' civic!!!

    i dont think its fair to compare this to a Type R civic, type R is only made in japan... but ya know what, wow, its actually a pretty damn close comparison, and its sad that we're comparing a brand new civic, vs this OLD spirit r/t, it goes to show that when america wants to make a nice 4 banger, they can do it, and do it damn well. Take the SRT-4 neon for example. BTW, is it just me, or does Mopar beat every other car in every one of its classes? i was just thinkin about that, i could very easily be wrong, but what if its true! for example im just thinkin about, Viper vs NSX, srt-4 neon vs Civic Type R, hmm... Stratus R/T vs accord coupe? (not even sure bout that 1) dont even take that seriously im just thinkin out loud.
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    LOL, ok.
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    Re: Dodge did better in 91' with an inline-4 than 02' civic!!!

    Anybody could have factory turbocharged a car back in 1991, and made it faster than a good modern car, hell, Honda could have turbocharged the 1993 DelSol from the factory and made it considerably faster than the New SRT-4, does that mean the Del-Sol would have been better? (well possibly,but in this case I'm going to say no, just for the sake of argument). Fact is, Dodge did, Honda didn't.

    Here are a few other car comparisons for you: Viper vs NSX-R on Nurburgring (or any other well balanced track with lots of turns), Viper vs. TVR Speed 12 (for flat out acceleration), SRT-4 Neon vs. Lancer EVO, or WRX (same acceleration, until the high end, but look at track times for the two), Stratus R/T vs.....well take your pick , I did a comparison of several similar Honda Concepts, all similar ideas, none with forced induction, so I'd say the 2002 V6 Accord concept would be the most appropriate comparison. But, all perform similarly it appears. I'm not criticizing, just giving you something to think about.
  4. Re: the best car aside from the viper that dodge ever made...

    Yup... the only two 4 bangers id ever buy is this and the srt-4... id take this over the neon though, its pretty damn rare, and the look on the kids' faces when u whiz by them in this car, while they're in they're cool suped up civic or what not, would be totally priceless. It looks like an old man car, i love it.

    oh god, tell me about it, people have no idea what this car is capable of. I met a guy who had a STOCK one, he ran 12's ONCE... im tryin to think because it sounds pretty nuts, he may have had a thing or two done to it, not a whole lot though... anyway, bad ass car, and yes i love the design, old school... and really i think it looks good, seriously, the front end looks nice, its just ur plain and simple boxy car, and the underbody kit looks good too. Its great because its such a sleeper. And nooo wayyy can you say it looks like a jap car, hell no.
  6. Whoa, faster than the SRT-4!!!!

    Heyyy the 0-60 and quarter on this car is faster than the brand new damn neon... hahah!! id love to have one of these. Better start lookin eh? pretty rare to find these days.
  7. Re: Whoa, faster than the SRT-4!!!!

    Waiiit, i could very easily be wrong, correct me if im wrong, im unsure of the stats of the neon except the 0-60 is 5.9... im not sure, oh well. Either way, its bad ass
  8. Re: Don't start me about this car...

    yeah im sure they didnt spend a whole lot of time on this car, just made it fast... fun highway car, probably nothin more. However the neon they just built, srt-4... looks great, and said to have excellent handling.
  9. Re: The Ultimate Sleeper Car

    yeah its got good hp/L but really does it mean ne thing? its got plenty of HP though, and check out the 0-60... id love this car just because of the fact it does look like such a sleeper.
  10. Re: The Ultimate Sleeper Car

    Yeah, ya gotta love that aspect of it. Though I dunno if it's the "ultimate" sleeper car.
  11. Re: Dodge did better in 91' with an inline-4 than 02' civic!!!

    ya i totally get what ur sayin, i was just thinkin... its just that the srt-4 won a lot of awards, and in more than 1 magazine articles it was top ranked out of like 4 cars or somethin, anyway, i guess every car company has a car better than the others in its class. And as far as that stratus r/t i believe its only got 200hp anyways, the new accord 240hp coupe would kill it huh? oh well, i love the styling on the stratus though, looks awsome.
  12. Re: The Ultimate Sleeper Car

    thats true i guess, its still got the badging and the semi-noticeable body kit... a real sleeper would be the standard Spirit all done up like the r/t and then some... whoa
  13. Re: the best car aside from the viper that dodge ever made...

    I own one of these and the above statement is true. It's so much fun outrunning cars. Where this car comes alive is on the highway. With it's DOHC T3 set up it will go to it's topspeed without getting winded. I raced a LT1 1994 corvette who fell witness to that. My 2003 mustang GT would get handed to on the highway by this car.

    1991 Spirit rt
    1990 volvo 240
    2003 Mustang Gt
  14. Re: one of the most badass cars i have ever rode in!

    Trust me it's probably the most bad ass car I've ever owned!

    I have a red 1991. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> I've finally decided to sell it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    Turbo has been rebuilt, gearbox rebuilt, bottom end is flawless. Runs awesome! Asking $5,500.
  15. Re: so everyone who does like this car understands

    I dont know why everybody says they're so hard to find?

    I have a red 1991 for sale...
  16. Re: Dodge did better in 91' with an inline-4 than 02' civic!!!

    I'm Sure that The Civic Type R is nice, but let's look at the facts. In 91 the type R was non existent. Dodge was doing this back in the day of 91, while honda was really still an econobox. So did Dodge do better in 91 than Honda? Of course! I would say they even outdid the eurosedans as most of their 4 bangers did not make 223 hp (save for Volvo)! This is a hot car that makes a killer sleeper, is sexy to look at and flat out drives so hard. It does not require alot of mods to put it over 270 hp.

    Nextly the Type R is a race bred machine, specifically for racing (that was it's intent), the R/T was not built for racing but rather to compete with the BMW M cars, Volvo, and the Mercedes E Class (?). I'm not downing the Type R at all, I think it is a capable machine! But let's compare apples to apples. Add a great set of wheels and a spring kit alone and you have a car that rivals even the NEW Volvos in the looks dept. (see below, car I found for sale on ebay).

    Now I understand comparing cars of yesteryear to those of today, but remember, you gotta take it with a grain of salt in that Dodge was getting it done back then, Honda wasn't (on this level of course).
  17. Re: so everyone who does like this car understands

    Two things...

    Carrol Shelby did NOT design this car as many believe. He HAD A HAND IN IT, especially on getting the turbocharged engine under the hood, but it is a fact that he DID NOT design this car. As a matter of fact there is no REAL evidence that shows Shelby had ANYTHING to do with the R/T other than inspiring Dodge with earlier cars like the GLHS. When Shelby does a car they put a little plaque on the drivers doorpost that say to the effect. Shelby had a hand in the Dodge turbocars, but he did not design them soley.

    And two. For TOOORQEOUS (sp?) you talk about a quality issue because you've seen so many wrecked. That tell us of a DRIVER problem and not a QUALITY issue. You've seen many wrecked only means those drivers had a car with a lot of power and either didn't respect it, couldn't handle it, or got screwed over by some other moron. That has nothing to do with the quality, right? Right.

    I love this car. I have an ES that is getting a face lift. It is attractive and was competition for the BMW M series, Volvos and the like. They did well.
  18. Re: Dodge's Problem during the 90's

    Supra, with all due respect, just because you got a lemon doesnt mean that Dodge put out unreliable cars. The Caravan has walked away with how many automotive awards for Best Minivan, was the first minivan and is the longest running minivan platform ever? I've had my 90 Spirit Turbo for years and never had any problems out of it, and I drive it like it should be driven. The K car (aries, reliant, whatnot) is one of the most durable and reliable cars Dodge made and, granted they were ugly as sin on sunday, these K cars paved the way for many other platforms Including the Spirit, the Avenger, and EVEN THE MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO. Don't believe me?

    The Mitsubushi Lancer's frame design (yes even TODAYS LANCER EVO) was purchased from Dodge in the Mid 90's. This frame design was a joint effort between the two, and was used on cars we know as the Shadow, Sundance, and the Acclaim,as well as one in Japan (don't I think it was called the Lancer there too...) which were ALL variants of the K car design and frame work. These cars are, in all reality, what became the EVO LANCERS, for they are based on the Shadow, Sundance and Acclaim, which were based on the K car frame.

    So if it weren't for the K car, we wouldn't have athe Lancer Evo's. Research my claims and see if I'm wrong in this!

    This car has beat the 300ZX stock for stock (compare any numbers from a magazine or from factory specs and you will see). You 300ZX guys should be careful of your superiority complex because comparing apples to apples the Spirit R/T was a better car. COMPARE! See if I'm wrong! It took TWO TURBOS for the 300ZX to do what it did and it STILL gets beat by the R/T. Grandmas car, huh?

    And for they guy who asked why this car was here. Youd rather see a 50 hp hybrid on here than a 2oo+hp sport sedan? What are you, mental? Don't talk smack if you can't back it up.
  20. Re: one of the most badass cars i have ever rode in!

    you obviously have never been in a real car

    Amen buddy, people just DONT know, ive only seen one of these bad boys in my entire life, and that was at a car show. I had him tell me his stories, of embarresing many people. If i had it, id take the badging off and replace the bumpers, make it look like an ES <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> SLEEEPPERRR
  22. Re: This car is a JOKE!

    I see your point, why supe up a SPIRIT? in a way its silly but in another way, its totally a sleeper, and personally with the body they put on it, bumper etc, it really doesnt look bad at all, id drive it! I like the fact that its so rare.
  23. Re: Real Specs for this car

    dude dont be an ass, he didnt say it was the best he said it was indiscribable, a ferrari is too, and so is a Viper, and so is a M3 and so is a E55 AMG, anyway dont be an ass about things.
  24. Re: This car is a JOKE!

    This guy obviously doesn't have a Grandma -let alone - parents. He probably can't drive - let alone - own a car. The doctor slapped his parents in the delivery room for contributing to the delinguency of the universe. Then they sobered up and got arrested. After that, he probably never left the trailer park where there is an income limit of $8,000 a year and an IQ limit of 70. It was there in this squalor that his adopting crack sister seduced him, married him and raised him. What a shame!

    Dodge Spirit RT - 5.8 0-60, 14.5 Quarter mile, and 141 top speed.
    Grandma is flying! DUH!


    Why are there so many young dumb guys who post on here? The make up of these morons is this: They drive Hondas that sound like lawn mowers, and have their girl friends that pick out there clothes while their Mommies pick their noses and iron their underwear that have skids marks on them from whenever someguy challenges them at anything. they typically earn $200 a week while flunking out at college. They live in a trailer park in Pencilnecktown USA.
    Critcizing the Spirit RT doesn't change the numbers........
    Dodge Spirit RT 5.8 secs 0-60, 14.5 secs quarter mile 141 top speed.
    (source Car and Driver 03/91) Read it if you can read past a third grade level - if not there are pictures....the car is white in the article.
    Learn it, Live it, Drive it.

    Son, don't drive it - your nose may bleed!

    Moparity Mike

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