So I was: Let's play the Wii

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. I only just remembered this and how repulsed I was last week when I saw it happen.

    Last week I was at a friend's house. About 6 people were there, and we decided to play Wii bowling so initially 4 play together and 2 sit out initially, although we only had one wiimote so it was just passed around the group. I was sitting out, and one of the guys playing was this pretty sketchy looking dude. Gaunt face, skinny guy but baggy clothes, horrible beard.

    Anyway we were all eating fried chicken, and everyone was wiping/cleaning their hands between shots to not #$%# up the wiimote except the dodgy guy who decided that the best, most hygienic course of action would be to lick the grease from every single digit of both hands before picking up the wiimote.

    All I'm saying is that I'm glad people got bored of the Wii before I had a chance to have a go. It was pretty offensive.
  2. You #$%# him?
  3. EW no #$%#ing way. Wouldn't #$%# him with yours, mate.
  4. Lol why do you hang out with him
  5. Do your friends know that you're a gay individual?
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  7. he was a friend of my friend. first time i'd ever seen him. don't even know his name.

    i hope i never see him again.
  8. i have bad experiences with friends of friends as well
  9. realize that now you've made this thread your friend is going to try and set you up with this guy.
  10. I can't get over the name Wii...
  11. I hate people like that
    fingers in mouth cleaning teeth
    all greasy fingers
    then typing on their laptops and shaking hands

    really no manners these days
  12. Was this your house? Why didn't you tell the guy to wash his #$%#ing hands before touching anything?
  13. Last week I was at a friend's house.
  14. not my house.
  15. wow veyronmans soooooo popular
    not only does he have friends but his friends have friends

    ugh quit braggin
  16. so like, is it considered bad form in England to have handed him a serviette and say "here you go"

    That's what I would have done.
  17. this wasn't the sort of house that has serviettes lying around.
  18. Paper towel, napkin, kleenex, whatever...

    But if it wasn't the sort of house to have basic sanitary stuff, then it probably wasn't the sort of people who'd be adverse to you saying "dude, wash your hands, wtf!"
  19. Where was everyone else wiping their hand? On the carpet/upholstery?
  20. I have a strict hand washing before touching controllers rule. I've upset some people with it but I'd rather have someone like that be mad at me than have a dirty controller. Besides, a real friend would get it and not #%!@ about it.
  21. come to think of it i had a napkin that came with our food, so i guess everyone else had them, but this dude chose not to use it.
  22. Wipe yo hands on yo pants
  23. everything about this evening except for the fried chicken seem #$%#ing offensive.

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