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  1. On saturday I had a rowing event. I'd been sick all week. I set a new PR (6:55.1). The minor problem is that I suffered heat stroke and diabetic shock. Also, I'm suffering from rhabdomyolisis and I'm still in the hospital. In case you're too lazy to look that up, that means my muscles broke down from the stress and are taking a shit on my kidneys. Did myself a number on this one.
  2. oh shi-

    harcore as ****
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    The best possibility is that I'll have no permanent kidney damage, it depends on how much of my muscles break down.
  4. crank out a 6:30. then call me
  5. Unless you are a lighty I am less than impressed.
  6. lemmings disease
  7. I have a hard time believing you have rhabdomyolisis from 7 mins of strenuous activity.
    You almost certainly did not have heat stroke.
    hypoglycemia is the only believable one due to your cold + exercise.
  8. Your muscles broke down after 7 minutes? Wow, they're even bigger wusses than you are.
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    e www. sounds scary <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  10. tempoman, EMT superstar
  11. Hey I'm only repeating what the doctors told me. I know my sugar number was 244. My temp was like 41C when I was in the ambulance. About that rhabdo, I don't know enough to make you believe me.
  12. TrueSportsMedicalTechnician
  13. Heat stroke is possible. I have had this happen to me

    Consider: 45 min fairly intense warm-up, all day outside in sun at regatta, 7 min of brutally intense race, possibly multiple events per day.

  14. my CPK is like 21,000 whatever that means
  15. haha you let your sugars get that low? Didn't you freaking eat? (ps, I had to convert since murricans use homo mg/dl and not mmol/l.
    A temp alone does not mean heat stroke. To be diagnosed properly with heat stroke means you're very close to death. You've stopped sweating, your thermoregulation center in your brain is fried, etc etc.

    And everybody will incur a little bit of rhabdomyolysis with strenuous exercise, but to release enough myoglobin to damage your kidneys is lol. It typically only occurs with large crush injuries and other weird muscle breakdown due to whatever reason.
  16. I ate a huge bowl of cream of wheat and brown sugar and a bananna.
  17. When I got 'heat stroke' it went down pretty much like this.

    1) I don't remember if I was sweating or not
    2) I don't remember the 1.5 km paddle back to the dock really or the last 300m ish of the race.
    3) Vomiting on dock taken off in streacher.
    4) Heart rate was over 120 bmp for well over an hour
    5) And I was repeatedly cycled in and out of an ice bath.

    Not sure if it was actually heat stroke, but that's what the doc told me.

  18. my heart rate has still not dipped under 100 and it's 48 hours after the race
  19. Cool... the main thing, as I understand it, is the fact that your body isn't able to regulate it's own heat, goes into positive feedback scenario where the heat continues to increase and without outside intervention (i.e. ice bath) you will die.
  20. Been there done that.
  21. Seriously man, thats #$%#ing brutal.
  22. Hahaha, that's my take on the whole sport at the moment.

    What's your PB?
  23. Diabetic shock? Is that a weird name for an insulin reaction/going hypo glycemic?
  24. 6:27 last year. Almost never erg since I live in Florida though and have a single scull. That will change next winter though cause Im movin to Philly. Thank God its rowable there now.
  25. Nice. Mine was 6:29. You in the college system, or club?

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