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    For I used to be really into that site - you can make a few bucks writing the odd paragraph on a popular item. I stopped writing for a while though, and today I finally decided to get off my butt and try it again.

    What do you guys think?

    Rates (if you've got an account) are sweeeet.

    I'm thinking of applying for a job at Best Buy pretty soon, too.
  2. Work at futureshop. Commission based sales jobs own.
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    How much is a few bucks?

    The article was awfully long btw, but what I scanned looked pretty solid.
  4. I have no idea what this thread is about, but my buddy brought over his new Sirus portable sat' radio player (don't know know what the model is calleD), that also has internet streaming over Wifi. Even at ~$400 for the player and $600 for lifetime service it's the next big-ticket item I'm saving up for. Just 1532423 kinds of awesome.
  5. If you're a good salesperson do you know what kind of money you'd make? (averaged out over the hour?)

    My buddy just got hired there, and he's a pretty big nerd but I don't know anyone who knows more about consumer electronics than me (apart from build-your-own PC stuff which I couldn't care less about).
  6. Thanks, I'm working on shortening it.

    A few bucks = more than a few bucks. I wrote a review on this Sandisk 512 mb mp3 player last year a week after the mad post-Thanksgiving day thingie (I forgot what it's called).

    Since then I've something like $25 in 'royalties' on the Sandisk review - it has to do with the ratings and the hits, I believe. Not sure. This is over the course of a year, though. It's definitely not worth the time/effort. For me it's just something to do when bored, and it takes forever for the money to accumulate anyway.
  7. Working Hometheatre, you can look ay making on average $14-20 an hour. When it comes to holidays though=mad cash. So sales are a good alternative to other fulltime jobs while in between school etc.

    The most I have ever seen made in a day, was $10,000cdn. The guy had buyer after buyer after buyer after buyer. He didn't rest all day, and got the big spenders. Biggest fluke/luck I have ever seen.
  8. Hmm... I'll ask my friend how it's working out after he settles in. My current job is great because I get paid to do nothing, but I think it's feeding into my overall lazy/apathetic attitude... I need a job w/ more umph...

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