So I'm buying a gun

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  1. ppl making this complicated. my home defense gun is a just a 1911 with a superbright light and ugly hollow-points
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    haha i know about them. I have a dillon press and i was thinking about getting the plates and dies to hot load my own. Such a cool little caliber. There are people with hot loads getting near 3000 FPS out of the little FiveseveN's barrel.. they like blow the primer out the back but the pressures inside the casing are still more than safe.
  3. in AK we were approaching 2800fps with some cutdown .223 in our used cases, but the round wasnt very accurate. The elite rounds are my fav though, even at 100yds i could be pretty consistent at hittin upper torso shots.
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  5. i just wana carry around an old luger. i feel like it'd say one of various things about me, probably none of them that good.
  6. lugers are awesome. if I were to get my firearms thing I would be recieving 2 lugers that have been passed through the family since WW2.
  7. im eventually inheriting a P38 from my granddad, which he confiscated in the war... it's real nice.
  8. I get my uncles 2 pristine lugers some day <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>
  9. Ugh, lugers are so #%$gy. If hipsters were gun people, they'd be shooting lugers and cowboy action revolvers.
  10. not lugers, but definitely the latter. single-actions are the fixed-gear bicycles of sidearm chic.
  11. wtf?! No! that is so wrong!
  12. Stop it!

    a 9mm round (9 x 19) is about the width of a .38spl bullet.. (in reality I think its closer to .36 though) .35/.36 something like that..

  13. that makes a lot of sense... a lot of NON sense!
  14. stop spamming with the obnoxious intensity of El Toro Furioso, you cholo greaser.

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    I honestly feel pain when that comparison is made.
  16. elbows up, side to side
  17. I know how wide the #$%#ing bullet is. I have a nine, I own a .357 magnum (that is the real diameter of a .38 bullet FYI (.357), .38 is named from the diameter of the case (not the rim..), parent case of the .357 is the .38 special, which i also shoot out of it). A 9mm is a hair thickness smaller, .003", or about a tenth of a millimeter. A .45 bullet is 2.5mm wider than a 9mm para. I also have two degrees in machining and manufacturing, I know how to measure and dimension shit. 'almost double' was simply hyperbole. It looks twice as big it weights twice as much. 2.5mm is a lot of material, and when its a HP its a damn decent cavity. The .45 makes a 9mm luger look rather small, hence the purpose of the photo. The permanent wound cavity it makes can be double the width also, which is really what matters.
  18. I really want a GSG-5

    So do you know the difference between a .458win mag and .45-70?

  20. You forgot to offer me a cookie..

    Probably like a hundred or so years.. .458 is a powerful short mag, .45-70 is an old black powder round (.45 cal, 70 grains of black power for charge).. do you mean dimensionally? No. And I do not feel like looking it up or care too. They are two rifle calibers that are not very practical for me to know anything about.
  21. I have a 9mm I use for a conceal carry but I wanna get a .45 for the house
  22. They give degrees in machining and manufacture? At lemon college?
  23. What grade are you in again?

    And I think about every school should offer such a degree, then maybe the US wouldn't be full of consumer retards and on its way out.
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