So maybe it isn't a 427 afterall...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Jay2002WS6, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. that same distortion comes in around the left side of the L in LS7.. instead of acting like photoshop experts, let me tell you what it is. its color blurring the occurs when a picture is converted into a jpg from a higher form of media. based on the quality of the conversion, an inference is placed on colors to reduce the digital size of the image. there you go, geniuses.
  2. You obviously haven't looked at the photo. I know it's normal, but in this case it's in places where it shouldn't be.
  3. See my post about the turbocharged 2.5
  4. ya if that happened id cut my wrists

    down the road, not across the street
  5. And I'd buy the Z06 left unpurchased due to your death.
  6. its exactly where it should be! the colors are contradictory, the clash and that is where the inference of colors always happens when converting to jpeg. you have no idea what you are talking about. its called jpeg artifacts and just for shits and giggles im going to entertain you with how much they can appear when lowering conversion quality.
  7. Oh but you will, peak power and torque would come at different rpms and the broadness wont be as great.

    Besides from what Ive seen its 500BHP and 475ft-lbs which does make since for a 6.4L motor that redlines at 7,000rpms. But until January comes it seems that still nothing is for sure.
  8. That is exactly what I thought it was when I looked at it and still do.

    Its just if someone brings up a possible source everyone can start to see what isnt there.
  9. You may be right, but there is distortion between the characters of the "7.0L" that I don't see with the "LS7" badge.
  10. Owned.

    Thanks, actually.
  11. I don't see the problem with it being a 6.4 instead of a 7. If someone won't buy a Z06 just because the engine displacement isn't 427 ci, then they are ridiculous. 427 is just a stupid number.
  12. i highly doubt that anything for a rumored ZO6-R/ZL1 is even made yet so the 427 being on that car is ridicouls
  13. Its more then just a stupid number, just like Hemi is a icon with Chrysler the 427 is a icon with Chevy and Ford. In fact Ford has made some really cool concept cars featureing a 427 cubic inch engine. And in all honesty there really isnt much special about this car so a 427 would make it very special.
  14. No other names have been set and its not even a certianty that anything faster then the Z06 will be made. Z06-R is jsut a rumor and I have yet to hear ZL1 used, in that light there is no other Corvette to bring out the 427 motor.
  15. Yeah, .6 more liters would make it sooooo much cooler than than if it were just 6.4.

    Why does everyone care that much. 500 hp is 500 hp, the powerband wouldnt change that much with just a tiny bit more displacement added. Its a mentality issue. People like flat rounded numbers so they dont have to deal with decimals.

    And as for 427, its the imperial system, which should be wiped out. Believe me, if tomorrow the government said that the imperial system was banned and all I lose from it is that I dont get to see the number 427 ever again. Bring it on.
  16. its not the 7.0L part its the 427 part that is what people want which equals 7.0L.

    And you would be shocked at the difference .6L would make on a performance car.

    I do like the metric system better then the American system as far as practicality goes.
  17. It cant be a 427 because do you know think it would have 427 in the engine bay and all around the car, seeing as it would be the cars centeral etraction. WOW it has a 427.
  18. I need a de-coder.
  19. It's probably hidden in a box of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios somewhere.
  20. If the huger the better, why aren't cars driving around with 16 liter engines?

    Face it, 427 is just some number. It's just an engine size, unlike the hemi, which is designed differently.

    500 horsepower is 500 horsepower.
  21. 427 is a legendary number when it comes to American muscle and performance. It's not just a number especially to Chevy, Ford, and Corvette die hards such as myself. 500hp is 500hp, but it's easier to get 500hp from a larger dispalcement engine, and it's much easier to get 500lb-ft from a 7.0L than a 6.4L.
  22. I love American muscle just as much as the next guy, but jesus christ, its a dumb number. No one #%!@ed when the new hemi wasn't a 426, and no one #%!@es that Ford doesn't make a 429.

    427 is just a number, plain and simple. If people are going to #%!@ because the engine is "just" a 6.4 then that makes no sense. It's got 500 horsepower, and if I'm buying a z06 as long as it has 500 hp I could care less. I can't believe people are actually going to complain that the engine could potentially be a 6.4.
  23. The Hemi designation has nothing to do with the displacement of the engine, it's called Hemi because of the hemispherical combustion chambers in the heads. The thing about the 7.0 and the 6.4 is that the 6.4 probably wouldn't produce 500lb-ft of torque, and there is a history of the 427 being in Corvettes, which is why the die hard Corvette boys want a 427 in the new Z06. I just want to one thing though how is a number dumb?
  24. displacement IS important and anyone saying "500hp is 500hp" no matter how you get it needs to be pounded into a fine dust and sold to a coke addict. a 427 is going to have a completely different powerband. its going to make more power in lower rpms. a 390 would have a harder time making 500 hp and its even been said elsewhere in this thread (or possibly the linked thread) that "they had to use few tricks to get the 500 hp out of it". so heres what could be happening: 1) the motor will run under higher stress then what a 427 has to. 2) the motor has higher performing parts, making the option for powering it up yourself more expensive or even unessesary. 3) both.

    when future z06 owners want to make that extra hp, theyll find a 427 has a lot more options then an already jacked up 390. hell, if "500hp is 500hp" why not slap a 4 cylinder with 40 psi of boost in there and run it to 9000rpm? youre 500 is 500 point of view certainly warrents that.

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