So my old man knocked his wing mirror off

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by burner, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. And It cost his insurance company $1800. Are wing mirrors that expensive on cars in your country? I have never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life.
  2. Translation: My father is rich

    Related Phrases: Has anyone ever noticed how expensive expensive stuff is?
  3. No, translation: Australia is a rip off, are wing mirrors this much in other countries?

    Its not a massively expensive car, the mirror is nothing special, It might be heated, and it has indicators in it, and a little light to tell you cars are near, but I can't see how its worth $1800.

  4. A mirror with "nothing special" is:

    a. Not heated
    b. No indicators
    c. No blind spot assist

    I'm guessing your dads car is of the German variety?
  5. Yeah, but they use them as Taxis in Germany.
  6. My go tore off one on here 2010 subaru, not heated, but has a signal light in it, no lane change assist crap. Was $480.
  7. Even expensive in USA
  8. I replaced one on one of my cars. Bought the part at a scrapyard and installed it myself. There'e no useless crap on my mirrors like blinkers, sensors, heated, electric and what not. I don't need any of that junk on my mirrors.

    Total cost: $50 bucks.
  9. But without that stuff, how will you see cars behind you?
  10. The best blind spot monitoring system I have is my own eyes. I don't trust any stupid sensor at all. I lost count on the times I've been cut off because people don't shoulder check.

    If people needs those gimmick shit to drive, they SHOULDN'T drive at all!
  11. I bet you think synchromesh is for pussies.
  12. Im actually with the old man on this one. I look at my mirrors all the time and in 14 years of driving I can count with one hand the times I cut someone off that was on my blind spot
  13. I bet you still need a mirror on the passenger side...
  14. Of course, but without any shit sensors.
  15. Exactly.
  16. I got two brand, shiny new mirrors for Frank the Tank for free.
  17. Pussy.
  18. I remember a headlamp on my 05 STI was like 1500$CAD and I was like "damn totally JDM"
  19. I replaced parts of mine. The heated mirror glass was $110 and the lower back shell which has the integrated LED signal was $68. I did them myself, but if I had the dealership do it, they would have charged me an hour labor bringing the total to nearly $300. If I had done the full morror, there were several other parts which I would have needed (upper body painted shell was $125 plus paint, front bezel $44, motor $95). Had I needed the nub which it all mounts to, it would have cost even more still.
  20. On a convertible 'Stang, it's not necessary.
  21. On a number of cars from the 60s and 70s there is no passenger mirror. Hell the 1980 Pontiac Bonneville I had, only had the driver mirror and rear view.
  22. Can you honestly say as a Canadian that heated mirrors are useless crap .....
  23. he's way too oldschool
    heated mirrors is a must have, so practical is many situations.
  24. Driver's side mirrors are for pussies.
  25. My '67 Rambler doesn't have one. Never been a problem as visibility out of it is great and the little driver's side mirror isn't very useful to begin with.

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