So the C6 gets the 6.0 LS2, what will the Z06 get?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SLP CamaroSS, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. no im saying you cant touch one for 150k....there is CRAZY dealer markup....they say the price is $150k....but its not
  2. There isnt really a base an better trim Z06. The Z06 is a trim of the base Corvette
  3. The car is worth $200,000 easily.
  4. You know what I mean.

    Here's another little tidbit. GM says the GTO concept will be sharing the same heads and intake as the Z06, the GTO is supposed to come with (guess what) a 6.4L

    Edit: Concept, not production.
  5. The 2005 GTO will have the 6.0 liter LS2 same as the C6.
  6. And where exactly did Lutz say that the Z06 will have a 7.0 liter engine?
  7. Isnt it obvious that Chevy will finially make a street version of the C5-R 427? The design has been around for four years, and has proven itself time and time again... Chances are, the Z06 will have a 500HP/500 ft/lbs 7.0 V8 based off the LS1, a quicker ratio T-56 6-speed manual, and a crazy suspension most likely capable of 1.0+g skidpad ratings. Chevy wont skip out on the performance, not when the C6 Z51 is at C5 Z06's levels. The SRT-10 Viper and Ford GT are in the crosshairs, and GM has got a good shot of beating both.
  8. the C6 Z51 gives about 75% of the old Z06's overall performance, GM even says that...and i HIGHLY doubt the new Z06 will run the low 11's and the such it will take to beat GT's....
  9. Probably like 11.7 or so
  10. It was posted on this forum about a month ago, but since we hav new forums now all the old thread are gone. I'll try to find it later on a different site.

    And as for that old document, it states the LS7 as not being a OHV engine ang GM have even officialy said that it would be when they made that press release of that new Engine Facility.
  11. actually it makes no statements to wether its doch or ohv.

    What it says is

  12. Saying 75% of the performance is more to please the people that purchased 04 Z06's. The Z51 C6 matched the C5 Z06's ring lap time.
  13. we will see. But the people aganist the 427 should stop thinking their right and they know whats going on better than Bob Lutz.
  14. Ever consider that Lutz is just dicking with you? Why are you so sure of your position?
  15. Yea because Lutz likes to go out to the public and make up crap to hold people over. Like no one will remember it.
  16. Its not like he has made a huge case for using a 427 in a Z06, from what I'm seeing he said once that the Z06 will have a 427 (and I haven't even seen the article you're talking about yet).

    On the other hand GM already has a 6.4L labled LS7.

    There is no signifigance in using a 427, if I remember correctly the old Z06 used a 327.

    It would cost a shitload to retool and design a 427, don't gimme this "the C5R design is already there" because this is a passenger car. It has to be thuroughly thought out and redesigned.

    Now if you were GM and wanted to have three classes of Corvettes would you want to put basically the same engine in your top two models or separate the top model with a legendary engine?
  17. He hasnt made acase for it because its not the most public car in the world yet. They sell the C5-R engine as a crate engine and many cars use it.
  18. ? They're debuting it in January are they not?

    Yes, for $27,000 dollars. And they've never put it in a mass produced vehicle.
  19. No retooling would be needed, all LS7's will be hand built and there is a major signifance in using the 427 in a Corvette. You would have to be a vette fan to know that, and Ive seen Lutz articles on a few occasions that said 500BHP 427. Ive also seen that engine sheet that says the LS7 is a 6.4L motor but that list has been around for a long time and if you know Corvette's its changed dirrections a great many times. Since there is a media blackout on the Z06 you cant really use that list as conclusive evidence at all. They have also tested vettes with different things to see how it performs and early Z06's probably used a 6.4L motor.
  20. How many spy shots have you seen of the car?
  21. 5, 6?

    EDIT: Wrong car.
  22. Yes retooling would be needed, they may be handbuilt but the parts and installation processes would all have to be changed.

    There is ZERO significance using a 427 in a Z06, guess what, the Z06 never came with a 427. But you would have to be a vette fan to know that...

    I await this damn article.
  23. I don't have to see spy shots to know that major changes would be needed to use a 427.
  24. I mean you said it should be public and its coming out soon. Well have you seen any shots of it? I have only seen 2.

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