So the C6 gets the 6.0 LS2, what will the Z06 get?

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  1. When I said that I ment that the design is finalized and a lot of people are now involved with the project, when this many people are involved stuff slips out.
  2. Not all might be true. But bob lutz is the best one to listen to.
  3. This is basically boiling down to what Lutz said vs what GM already has on paper.
  4. Bob Lutz is GM, he is head of product so he could cancel the Z06 and Corvette altogether if he wanted to. So Im gonna listen to him, after all GM has always had someone be the over ruling voice in the Corvette and now its Lutz.
  5. No, he isn't. He's in charge but he doesn't get final say. If he said "I'm canceling the corvette" His bosses would say, "You're fired."

    That said where is this article? As far as we know they don't have a working emissions friendly 7.0L 2 months before its debut.
  6. the new Z06 should be powered by a 911 cid engine, with 911 being a much more significant advertising figure, pffff.
  7. The new Z06 will prbally have around 450hp. Which is around abouts the same difference between the C5 and the last Z06, and is in the same ball park as the new F430 and Gallardo and co which are its main rivals so to speak.

    And i highly doubt seeing the LS2 in the 2005 GTO seeing as none of the new Commodores are getting the LS2 for the 2005 model (where they just happen to build all the commodore derivatives).
  8. The LS2 will be in the 2005 GTO.

    THat is a fact, where u been man ;-)

    GM did the official press release and everything.
  9. ^^^

    also the american GTO is probably higher on the priority list for the LS2.
  10. Lutz has more power then he should becuase of who he is, he has the full backing of GM CEO. Of corse if he tried to kill the Corvette he would most likely get death threats, but if the engineers wont do what he says then he would hire new ones. And you may or may not want to believe it but Lutz did say it will have a 7L 500HP motor.

    Along with Dave hill Chief Corvette, he stated that the C6 Z06 will offer "supercar" performance at a great value.
  11. Ok, well GM said they're scrapping the corvette and Lutz is just blowing steam up your ass because they're gonna fire him.

    That statement could be just as true at the moment for me, now could you direct me to this article?

    Their production team also said they were having trouble achieving the 500 HP goal, you don't have that trouble with a 7.0 liter.

    Bottom line it would be stupid for GM to use a 427 in the Z06 for a few reasons:

    1. It isn't symbolic.
    2. Unless they're gonna put a 454 or something in this "super vette" then the engines would be almost the same.
    3. It would cost at least $70,000, not a good thing when you're trying sell these things.
    4. It would cost them a pretty penny in production costs as well.
  12. As far as what has been heard power issues is why they decided to go with a 427.

    And the only thing you are right on is the price, $70,000+ is what we are looking at. 3,000 units a year at $70,000 giving you a 500BHP rated rumored 550 actual BHP and 2,950 pounds curb weight.

    Rumor for the maybe maybe not supervette is a 700+BHP 427 under the hood. But a 450BHP 6.4L motor would fall short of their goals and if you cant see the big deal of a 427 then what can I tell you. And if you can sort through the 1,000+ articles at autoweek then be my guess.
  13. I highly doubt the ZO6 will have 427. Besides, why the #$%# would it need one if the LS7 will be capable of 450+ HP?

    For some reason, I'm hoping the ZO6 does not come out with a 427, because that sounds like too much for just the ZO6. A Supervette would be okay with a 427, but not the ZO6.

    I would love to see the look on the faces of the guys who want it to be a 427.
  14. Yeah, except they are put together in the same factory. Motor said two months ago that the VZ (2005) commodore was going to get the LS2 but it didn't happen. I find it very suspicious that the GTO gets the LS2 but the Monaro which is the same car with tacky as shit scoops is getting a 260kw (same as GTO) engine along with the true dual exhausts and same fuel tank placement. All which the GTO has, it's quite obvious they are simplifying the production method of the Monaro and GTO. I think the LS2 will debut on the all new platform VE Commodore which makes more sense.

    If it happens what ever. But I don’t see it happening.
  15. IT IS HAPPENING. Its already official. Maybe they are sending enough for the GTOs first. I dunno why but we DO KNOW FOR SURE that the 05 GTO is getting the LS2 along with the SSR.
  16. Lutz stating the z06 engine will be a 7 litre is bs.

    If it was true... The article would be everywhere, not hard to find at all. Its another rumor or mis-interpreted interview. Just like those people think the 7 in LS7 stands for 7 litres.

    So far all the LOGICAL evidence points to a 6.4L v8 engine.
  17. I couldnt say that RPO sheet is BS and make it illogical
  18. These issues were recent, and you don't swap powerplants this close to production. You mean this is probably why they would use a 427, you don't know anything for sure.

    That price would be outragious.

    They got more out of a 6.4L motor, they just had to do some more engineering.

    You can't tell me anything, the Z06 never had a 427.

    So you don't have it, thats all you had to say.
  19. Thats right, you can't.
  20. Actually, it's going to have 1500hp, and 1199 Ibs/ft of torque. Here are some other specs;

    carbon fiber body
    18" gun metal rims, with optional chrome spinners
    0-60 in under 2 seconds
    1/4 - 7.99 @ 240mph
    price: starting at $43,500,000
  21. and you cant just call lutz's BS as I cant say anything about the RPO sheet seeing as how no one here knows ANYTHING yet.
  22. Yeah u can, where is this illusive article? With news sooo big it would be in every vette website known to man.

    I tell you what is in every vette site known to men though.. Engine RPO sheet with a 6.4L High Output v8 engine as the LS7.

  23. how long ago did that come out, I actually think i remember seeing it. but we'll still have to wait for the real answer

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