so the new RS4 is fast..... really fast

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by AntiPimpage, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Ahah, awsome! +1
  2. why bring the M5 into this? it has over 500hp, and is in a completely different segment.
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  4. Because the RS4 beat the M3 so obviously BMW CAN'T BE BEAT! so he has to pull the M5 out of his ass.
  5. #$%# the 360. I'd take a RS4 Avant over one any day.
  6. The RS4 Avant and Cabrio aren't coming to America. Only the Sedan is.
  7. #$%# THAT.
  8. Whyyyy cant we have an avant? If people stop buying SUVs because of the fuel economy they might want something smaller yet still with people carrying and cargo capacity. If America is accepting small cars wagons cant be far behind.
  9. Because it's resonable to believe the M3 will be as fast or faster then the M5, which is as fast or faster than the RS4. Makes sense to me.

    Scorp, your assumtions are replacing your personal credibility with me.

    edit: Marcus seems to think it's a reasonable belief. He hasn't stricken it down.
  10. the M3 is going to be mega, definatley - i have a hard time believing it'll be faster than the M5 though
  11. Probably not in straight-line speed, maybe accelleration (I know the M5 has more than 100hp more, but it weighs a lot more too), but in the corners the M3 will definitely be faster than the M5.
  12. If you put it that way. They are still in two different segments though but I see your point.
  13. Historically the M5 is usually faster in acceleration. E39 vs E46.
  14. I don't care what BMW beats it. I would still take it over both the M5 and the M3.
  15. That is SO weak.
  16. Actually, they have been relatively even historically. The E39 M5 and the E46 M3 had nearly identical HP/weight ratios. I remember looking at nearly identical acceleration times quoted for them in I believe R&T (for 60mph and 1/4), but I've lost all my old car mags.

    It's reasonable to believe that the E90 M3 will have a HP/weight ratio similar to that of the E60 M5, and the B7 RS4 does have about the same HP/weight ratio as the E60 M5 as well, so again, not unreasonable to believe that the E90 M3 will match the RS4's lap time around the Ring, but nothing that shows me it will beat it.
  17. Yes, I'd definately agree that M5 and M3 have been very similar in they're ability to acellerate, it's in the corner I believe the M3 will make it's moves against the M5 (being lighter and presumable more focused all around). Seeing as how the M5 and RS4 handle pretty much evenly, I see a case to believe the E90 M3 will both out accelerate and out-corner the RS4.

    Sorry for redundancy, but Ben has got me beliving I'm not being clear.
  18. You're absolutely right, but the RS4 is a freak of engineering. It has a an extra lb per HP on the 360 (8.7 vs 7.7), and is heavier by about 600lbs. (and obviously with AWD) which should make for worse handling, yet it managed to equal the 360's lap time. We will see.
  19. It's incredible how far cars have come in the past 5 years. When the 360 came out it was the benchmark in its class. Now it's outdone by family sedans.
  20. no track? no stig? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  21. I am a huge Audi fanboy, but I can see second hand B7 RS4's with 60-70,000 miles engine's going CAPUT because this V8 is extremely high strung. Audi does make #%!@in' good engines, but I am having doubts.
  23. RS4 shouldn't be a drop top.
  24. The new m3 is supposed to have how much horsepower from its v8? I dont remember.
  25. 400ps

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