so what if hemistage murders someone

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  1. You sound like an idiotic piece of shit. I am pretty sure that true sports car mechanic would have beaten the shit of walper if he saw him in real life.
  2. What is more scary is that you can't make your own opinion and still repeat what the others say without thinking by your own.You really need to stop to bring the insanity bullshit argument developped by your friend veyronman. Grow up and think by your own, that is my friendly advice to you.
  3. Thanks for proving my point
  4. So they let you choose out of their selection of movies when its "movie night." Pretty interesting approach. Some people might say that theyre letting the inmates run the asylum
  5. 426 Hemistage 8 is fantastic and should keep up with his activities. He brings joy to us all with his insights on everyday life in this busy world of today.
  6. just because they didn't *see* you do it doesn't mean there's no way of finding out it was you.

    You're as deluded as Luke.
  7. That isn't scary at all.
  8. you can learn about the darker side of humanity by embracing the darkness yourself, or get it from the horses mouth. i for one am glad hemi is hemi.
  9. He definitely makes my day at work much more enjoyable.
  10. as a relatively new regular to the forum, i'm interested to know your views on the way hemi puts himself across.

    a bunch of us have been reading his stuff for a good decade now, so opinions may be somewhat jaded.
  11. Pretty sure everyone thinks the same about him
  12. He comes across as a barely functioning member of society. He has a few screws loose, but valiantly does his best to live a pseudo normal life. He doesn't seem to comprehend that the reason the other members target him is because his retaliations are so amusing.

    By the sounds of it, most likely lives alone and holds an hourly dead end job somewhere that doesn't require much intricacy or knowledge. Possibly a warehouse gig somewhere.
  13. Sounds about right
  14. ^pretty much 100% correct i think
  15. ^_^ you guys are going to make me blush!
  16. his job is clerical as opposed to manual, but yeah that's basically it.
  17. Hemi hates poor people, but is totally fine with murderers. Good to know.
  18. Maybe you shoud look at yourself before your mouth. Most of people with the exception of few are childish and immature. So the stupid targeting reflects who these people really are, weakminded persons. You know nothing about my job maybe you should get your facts straight before talking out of your ass. I work in an office and certainly not in a warehouse gig. I wonder what you do for a living. What I do for a living requires knowledge related to IT and a sharp customer driven oriented approach , so when you don't know, don't talk. Trust me I have a normal life, and as a reminder live your life as you want but don't bother to tell people how they need to live their life because it is not up to you and you are not the one whose lifestyle is a reference
  19. Wrong as usual
  20. I am not deluded as Luke. You know the" sentence:"Innocent until proven guilty"? Think about it.
  21. Wise words
  22. Perhaps my job isn't manual but if I need to change the spark plugs, the timing belt, the brakes, the master cylinder and the ignition on my car, I can do it by my own. I can do electrical work in my appartment as well as plumbing, that means being enough self reliant and being enough good at manual work.
  23. Could you change your sig? Its offending the other guests.
  24. The true skills a man requires.
    Thank you for sharing this
  25. The true skills a man requires.
    Thank you for sharing this

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