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  1. How many different platforms are you? How active are you? Which is your favourite and why?
  2. i used to have myspace music account way back. then it was facebook and vkontakte. i erased facebook and vk accounts. can't get rid of the myspace account.

    my favorite was vk, because you could make and save music playlists. a big variety of music.

    edit: i missed these, reddit, the /o/ board on 4chan and youtube
  3. FB: Mostly share posts from The Daily Mash and post car related stuff
    Imgur: Lurker, troll.

    No Twitter
    No Instagram
    No Tumblr (aka cess pool of the internet)
  4. FB bullshit for car news and updates on stuff I like
    LinkedIn for business brown nosing and following like a sheep
    Twitter for same reason as FB
  5. I use Facebook purely because it's a pretty standard format for keeping in touch with friends in so many different corners of the globe. I'm using it less and less though.
    Instagram is pretty awesome if you follow the right people.
    Same with Tumblr actually. I probably enjoy the content on my Tumblr feed the most.
    I have a Linkedin account and kinda keep it up to date, but I don't really know what I should use it for in my field right now.
    I gave up on the whitenoise that is Twitter ages ago.
    I also adore shapchat (add me everyone)
  6. Facebook, but mostly just for group chats with a few lifter friends.
    Insta, but I have like 3 followers
    Twitter because black twitter is the funniest shit on the internet
    Tumblr is both intentionally and unintentionally hilarious
    Snap, but don't use it much
  7. I like to use instagram to post my car related stuff. I also have a facebook, but don't use it as much.
    That is all.
  9. Fb/twitter(business)/instagram/path/YouTube
  10. Not using any of them.

    A week in facebook was more than enough.
  11. more like a weak in facebook amirite guys
  12. I use most of the mainstream social media sites one way or the other.

    I actually use Tumblr as well, to follow Toyko-Bleep, which an sc.netter linked a couple years ago. It's a great page.
  13. FB - personal - just get news and show off important things in life like kids
    Snapchat- personal - most active
    instagram - personal - not very active
    Twitter - Business - very active
    Linkdin - Business-very active
    FB - Business - med active

  14. Oh yeah i use linkedin as well
  15. FB, Twitter - Personal/Business
    I have a linkedin but don't see the benefit.
  16. Facebook, fairly active. Rarely comment, very rarely post statuses/pictures. Talk to friends on it. FB Messenger has basically replaced SMS.
    Snapchat, fairly active. Usually send a few snaps a day. Less in recent tjmes. Still receive a few.
    Instagram, fairly active. Check it a few times a day. Rarely post photos. Used to be once a week, now once a month maybe.

    Not sure which is my favorite. Different from day to day.
  17. superars.ent
  18. seriously though, I never post anything on facebook, but I think that the facebook messaging application is taking over text messaging. I rarely get texts anymore as everyone seems to be using the Facebook one.
  19. Dude get a snapchat and let me send you hilarious/boring photos of things
  20. Wait people actually use facebook for chatting?
  21. I did download snapchat a couple of years ago but I never got into using it. Funnily enough I got Instagram when I first got an iPhone 4, and just uninstalled it too. I guess at the time nobody was on it, really.

    I may get a snapchat
  22. yeah get snapchat guys and add me
  23. SnapChat: plafondles
  24. yeah. with msn gone and all. i use it for chatting too

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