Sold a CRUZE, the trade in? 70 SS Chevelle

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  1. A guy from detroit drives into the lot and comes and ask about the Cruze LTZ I demo the car and everything else . He comes inside and start talking about the trade in ... when he points out the chevelle I was like , are you serious! He said yes and then you know perfect credit spot delivery. Chevelle TRADE IN, for SALE 17K
    Reason for trading In? He got married and a baby on the way

    Trade In : 1970 Chevelle SS
    Engine : 383 Stroker
    Tranny : 400 Turbo

    Sold : 2012 Chevy Cruze LTZ
  2. only 3507 miles on it
  3. He will regret it for the rest of his life.
  4. the chevelle is more roomy than the cruze

  5. I know he'll regret when he was driving the cruze out he couldn't take the eyes off the chevelle ... I feel sorry for the guy
  6. women/children ruin lives
  7. +1 ... unless you can afford the 3 . women(more than one is better)/children/awesome cars
  8. umm the car I bought when I had a kid is more awesome than the previous car I had

    guy is stupid

    enjoy your Chevelle
  9. sounds like you should save some money and buy a chevelle
  11. slap a 27k price tag on it and see what happens.
  12. He should of sold the baby.
  13. Beautiful car, silly man. Sucks when life gets in the way of fun.

  14. a korean car swapped for an american car. fair deal.
  15. Meh, probably not a real SS.
  16. There isn't really a Chevelle of which I think they look nice.
  17. A real 3507 mile SS is big money. It probably got a new speedo/odometer and SS bits during a sketchy restoration. I'd laugh if it was real and somebody actually ruined it by changing to a 383 then traded it in on a econobox.
  18. Yeah, didn't even catch the mileage bit, about a 0% chance of this being a true 3,507 mile SS.
  19. Of course is not an original engine DAAAAAAAAAAA !!!
    If it was an original would be 396 o 454 ... everything has been restored but the sheet is original !
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  22. are there any people you actually like here
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  24. lol in a year his cruze will be worth nothing and the chevelles price wont drop a cent
  25. lol the only member you like is supersonic cos he's a virgin like you

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