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Discussion in '2000 TVR Cerbera Speed 12' started by DivineRage, Oct 19, 2004.

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  3. Don't get me wrong, the Speed 12 is one very impressive performance machine, but damn. They're so ugly. Look at the first pic from the link. It looks like a bumper-car or something. But the thing that really kills it for me is the layout of the headlamamps. TVR's design in general falls under the "love it or hate it" category. I just happen to be one of them who hate it.

    But yeah, to it's credit, this car is as far as I know among the fastest, best performing cars in the world, and I guess I shouldn't let it's desing take that away from it.
  4. The pic with the TVR flip paint with the vented bonnet looks the best to me. But Id still take one what ever. A truely mental piece of British machinery. Love it!
  5. divine, there's two in your link that i like ; the modified blue/purple one, and the racing version in black that is on display.

    sick stuff. i love it.
    thanks for the link.
  6. u guys are so freaking optimistic with these figures, ive seen figures ranging everywhere from 800 to 1100

    i cannot see how this car can achieve over 900 horsepower from a 7.7L engine at only 7200 RPM. thats more efficient then Ferrari.

    the enzo makes 110HP/L at 7800 RPM... if the speed 12 had over 900 HP it would be making nearly 118HP/L at 600 less RPMs!

    if it was just as effiecient as the enzo, it would make 847HP, i would believe maybe 880.

    lets not forget the effeicency goes down as displacement goes up
  7. The original figures as posted in the article show the 7.7 as putting out 1000hp(and breaking their dyno) without a turbo or supercharger which is ridiculously awesome, if it is possible, which im sure it is. If Troy Trepanier can build 1000hp LS1 v-8's why can't TVR build a 1000hp v12? Anyway...truly... a thunderstorm on wheels.

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