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  1. This one was Gemballa to a female member who owned a Peugeot...

    "Now post your pictures from different angles "

    "which pics? Of my car with the decals on? Cant yet as the rear one is the only one which has been pu ton, the others are being made and will be on by next week some time. "

    "I dont give a #$%# about 1k$ 1.1l Peugeot.
    I want your pictures from different angles"

  2. "I'm stupid just because I didn't know that Blackface was DSM Owner?" - mclaren777
  3. "Whenever the president says something that doesn't deal with the war (which is quite often given the situation in Iraq), it's only to distract you."
  4. "Haha, whatever pal... Iranians have the most awesome history of any other culture. The only thing I am ashamed off is my mother, who dirtied my blood line with french, Irish, italian and german. " -FerretFace McDaddy's Turbo
  5. "There is new 1 enzo called FXXX its modded!" - KB
  6. #$%#ing bug. That post was by 994turbo in response to this quote:

    thur is no ferreri called FXXX only f40 f50 and enzo - KB

  7. "Im like terminator in those subjects"
  8. I'm glad I never said anything that stupid.
  9. FordRangerLuvr1: hey wanna have some fun
    nine44turb0: how
    FordRangerLuvr1: roleplay
    nine44turb0: like RPGs?
    FordRangerLuvr1: no
    FordRangerLuvr1: wait asl
    nine44turb0: 65/m/norway
    FordRangerLuvr1: cool alright im gunna stop talking now bye
  10. How many car pics on your HD thread:

    "o" -chevy
  11. "In all honesty I had sex at age 6. My hot babysitter was a pedo. It was the best night of my life." - 994Turb0 "Was he nice and gentle? Did he use lube?" - Worked
  12. i loled
  13. hahaha that is freakin hillarious!

    the one in my sig about My911Turbo says a lot.

    i remember WhiteChocolateWorld once saying something like "The reception of people for Oprah is #$%#ing freaky. Seriously, she could bend down on her thick black legs, lay a sticky hot turd on the carpet, and the audience would be up applauding her."

  14. AHAHA!!!
  15. "I only post like 10% of the stuff I buy..."
  16. "admins how can i ban guys who insult me?"
  17. "No dude, I have the most awesome belts ever... I get tons of complements on them all the time."
  18. I think that you may hate Ferretface as much as I do.
  19. In the magical world of anime, anything is possible. In the magical world of hentai, this is true as well, but it's not as "magical" as it is "vile and revolting".
  20. The pink one gives me 4 boners tho, even if I'd have no idea what to do with it if I owned <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A> - stewacide
  21. "totally. i also don't like the sound of f1 cars. they sound ricey." -w00t
  22. i was impersonating remington <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  23. I never get agressive until I am agressed.

    I am not a homosexual robot.
  24. "Sounds good.

    Though my pocket bible does me just fine for now"

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