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  1. Oh **** you Luke!

    **** both you and Meghan.

    Sure you care Luke, sure you do.

    Nice to know you're using me and jumping on the side of everyone else.

    You're truly the definition of an asshole.

    Nice to know that the hang-out time last year with you and Meghan was all an utter facade.
  2. Not over this, no. Never.

    I've never ever been happy for friends getting a girl.

    I tried to call Luke and tried to PM and to keep it off the forums, but Luke is only replying here.

    I'd love to have a girlfriend and have even been close a couple of times (which Luke can confirm).

    But because of my sexuality, as much as I'd love to have a girlfriend, I CAN'T!

    I even had to turn down an amazing girl because of this.

    None of you know how that feels.

    None of you care.

    Maybe I hate the way things are.

    Maybe Luke's actions have been a catastrophic slap in the face for me and yeah, just maybe I'm fUckin hurt and angry about that.

    I honestly don't give a shit what any of you think (save a few members and they know who they are).

    So no, none of you are in my shoes and if you don't care then that's fine.

    But I care about me, I care about how my life turns out.

    I'd give almost anything in this life to be in the shoes that Luke's in.

    Meghan is a great girl and I can see why they're dating.

    But the fact that Luke, indeed all my friends can "just go and date" and have no problems, to not have to turn that amazing girl down because of what I have to deal with, is sometimes a burnden that yeah, sometimes brings me to want to end my life because yeah, it fUckin hurts THAT bad.

    To just be ABLE to date a great girl, to just have the CAPACITY, let alone the girl herself, is something I would dearly love more than any of you can imagine.

    A few friends, Luke included, know this and that's part of why I'm so disappointed with his actions - humouring you guys with a tit pic means more to him than how I feel.

    I know you guys would rather I off myself and see some more pics and for that, I'm truly sorry you guys see life like that and only hope IRL you're a lot better.

    Doubtless the like of Big Rob and Communista (aswell as most of you) will think this is a hilarious joke and something to poke fun at.

    None of this is a fUcking joke and it's fUcking real to me.

    Now, your lives are different, your perspectives are different and that's fine for you - just don't expect me to share your perspective.

    I'm not interested in hearing thoughts about how my faith works into this, nor anyone's thoughts on homosexuality as I've heard it all before.

    So there, that's the fUcking explanation of why I have reacted like this the way I have. None of you walk in my shoes, so I don't expect any of you to understand, nor to care at all.

    Selfish? Judgemental? Maybe. But I defy anyone to walk the same path and deal with it any better.
  3. What's for lunch?


    I wish...
  4. FireRed thread reporting.
  5. sucks to be My911Turbo i guess
  6. ahahahahaha let's make more of them
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    "hey admin, about this brilliant Post numbering. Have you ever been on a board that wasn't a piece of shit? When posts are numbered, you can usually CLICK it and then it will show you that individual post in a link alone, that's the reason for numbering posts... I don't give a shit that this is post number 122..."

    Reply from admin:
    "unless if you want to link to post 122

    Images of Peter Griffin come to my head when reading your posts"

  8. Nothing. This is a mesage board. Welcome to the intardnet.
  9. "Most pedophiles are like you and me. They find something sexually attractive, in their case it's prepubescent human beings. Where is the harm in that?"
  10. "Ive tried it. No matter what it doesnt feel like the real thing, but its rather close. then again I used a condom, because it was my freinds fleshlight." - Remmington
  11. this one:

    "and there will be no buttsex, so no need for any of you to come up with that bright idea of a funny post." - by 996 911 Turbo, before going to Pittsburg and getting raped by Porsche996Turbo.
  12. Quote/scenario of the century.
  13. Resurrection (From z06 anti-matter thread):
    Thats impossible. how could a car be powered by somthing not yet defined........... try anti-matter boys.

    Unless the current theories of dark matter point to the elusive creation of anti-matter and anti-particles, which ar very rare since they explode into pure energy once they come in contact with common normal particles. only source has been some positrons (anti-electrons which are postivly charged sub atomic particles with the mass of an electron) from the center of the galaxy. how that works is interesting since i dont see how they survived without hitting normal electons and becoming energy. oh well, maybe we will never know. what were we talking about again??
  14. Holy shit! You nkwo tyhew tstick part in the middle? it just borke off that seat part now im teryuigbn tos balnece

    944turb0 on his chair breaking. I think.
  16. kurtblythman: Veyronman called me a chav also known as a villen and far from a compliment. Shouldnt be tollerated at all.
  17. This is unacceptable.
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    haha! That's not what I meant though but that's kindda funny.
  19. lol...what did you mean? and god i lol everytime i read this one

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