Someone went kill frenzy at a Mosque in Quebec

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  1. It's still a result of these flawed policies, by shutting down legitimate debate and other poor choices governments have created instability in their populations. It's only a matter of time until things decline further and you start seeing it on a regular basis as each side tries to take revenge.
  2. Nah. Not in Canada. This is a tragedy. But I guarantee our entire country will shun this behavior. The few racist xenophobes in our country don't have a large enough presence to make any significant difference. Similar events may happen a few times. But you will never see the blatant significant racism and hate in Canada you see in other areas. We are so afraid of being racist, we are too scared to tell a sikh he can't wear his turban instead of a hard hat on construction sites. Or that they have to shave their beards on oil sites where everybody else has to be clean shaven incase of an H2S leak so the breathing masks get a seal.
  3. That's as weak as a ghetto claiming society let him down because he went to a shitty school and may or may not have had a distant relative who was a slave as the reason he shot a store owner for his money. Either way, the deed was done and the person doing the deed was well aware of what they're doing. In either case, the punishment should be an hour with @426 Hemistage 8 a transvestite and a Gerber mark III.
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  4. Gotta keep those refugees safe from all of our racists.
  5. Or, you know. A result of extreme racism.
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  6. Of course he is responsible on an individual level. I mean broadly speaking Politicians in progressive countries have failed, by avoiding debate and labeling legitimate complaints as racist to avoid having to do any work, they have fractured their societies and pushed moderate rightwing groups towards far right nationalism. I don't think they really care about refugees or muslims being killed in the middle east they just use them as a political tool.

    You can't shut down debate and offensive opinions and have a functional democracy, even if they are wrong and stupid letting them have representation reduces the probability of conflict. It's possible to forcibly integrate opposing cultures but it requires an authoritarian approach like you find in Singapore or Chinese semi autonomous regions.
  7. This sort of violence is as much the lefts legacy as it is the far right. Screaming everything is racist is as naive as the people who call any murder or crime a muslim is involved in islamic terrorism. The transformation of leftwing politics over the last decade or so from generally being rational and logical to hysterical outbursts and illogical choices based on emotion is ridiculous.
  8. You have a novel view on the concept of fault, to say the least.
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  9. If the left weren't so adamant about ending racism, then racists wouldn't be pushed to such extreme measures. If anyone is to blame, it's the concept of justice.
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  10. Religious, political and sectarian violence isn't racism. The politicians who made very poor choices are indirectly responsible for the deaths on both sides. Doesn't absolve the individuals of any guilt but the politicians that created the situation should be held accountable
  11. Excuse me! I only identify as qausi-racist on Thursdays and Sundays. Check your privilege!
  12. You don't like the political situation, you work politically to change it.
    You shoot a bunch of innocent people in cold blood based on their race / religion / gender / sex / anus bleaching habits / cat breed preference, you're mentally defective.

    We all live in the same society, yet somehow, miraculously, we all manage to avoid pulling the trigger.
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  13. Most people are pretty easy to influence. It doesn't take much to get some of them on the extreme side.
  14. Ugh, now I'm afraid of the Montreal metro in case someone decides to 'retaliate'
  15. You don't understand the problem, the general public is becoming disillusioned with government, violence and extremism is occurring because they do not feel they have any representation. For the moment lashing out is limited to the deranged and mentally defective but the increasing frequency of the attacks is an obvious warning sign.

    Trying to deflect criticism by calling political opponents racist, people who were previously moderates are being pushed towards actual far right racists. Posting "diversity is our strength" on twitter and never actually doing anything, avoiding all debate and refusing to justify policy will not work.

    You can already see the result in the USA with Trump, poor performance from politicians resulted in abnormal election results. Instead of addressing the issues that caused it they have resorted to blaming others for their failure and began trying to overturn the election. Democrat supporters have lost their mind and are consorting with people like John McCain who caused the conflicts the refugees came from in the first place.
  16. You don't understand. Far-right extremism isn't anything new.
  17. We don't live in the same society. Quebec is different from Vancouver, Canada is different from the US, North America is different from Europe and so on.
    Also, society is not really a thing. It's changing all the time. This "no racism, diversity, peace and like" englightment is less than 30 years old. Judging by history, it's more likely to change back and forth than to become more englightened.
    While not the same, I've seen this process start here several years ago. Then it started happening in the US and in Europe. The world isn't always going to change for the better.
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  18. And now they are growing rapidly, rather than admit their mistakes most politicians are doubling down on failed policies. It's probably too late to undo the damage and only possible to limit the severity of reactionary movements.
  19. This is funny because you know that he would just congratulate the guy and give him a fountain pen or something, right?
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  20. And thats why folks we need Judges in the streets
  21. But even hemi needs to find love.
  22. Keith Urban is better looking
  23. Also, I'm tired of random people getting shot, wether they are muslims or not or white or albinhoes.

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