Soooo.. Russia makes bling SUV'ers now as well..

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by MooSquad, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. GAZ 3106 Ataman II
  2. how much kerosene is needed? Or does it run on plutonium?
  3. holy shit, pajero, x5, and kia had sex.
  4. Awesome! But those lights aren't too awesome...
  5. would anyone seriously buy that? If I was given that for free or won it somehow, i'd try and sell it but fail miserably
  6. The overall design isnt that bad. Maybe Russia should apply it to a car.
  7. What the communist #$%#?
  8. Youre a bit late. The Iron Curtain has been torn down for quite a while now.
  9. Russians would buy it.
  10. I guess this can actually drive off-road well, as that's quite the Russian heritage. It's not like the average SUV owner, that they think they're driving off-road when they go with 2 wheels over a streetcrub.
  11. With a maserati.
  12. if you drink a gallon of vodka it looks good.
  13. Hmm, it'll fit right in with all the other russian automobiles.
  14. I knew about the GAZ 3106, but the bling gear is new to me.
  15. What a hideous creature.
  16. looks like crap
  17. Being far cheaper and more pletiful that gas or (it seems) clean water in Russia, this would be a pretty good idea...
  18. That looks...


  19. Most cars are well able to run short distances on jar like vodka or whisky or whatever.
  20. They sell "gasohol" in the states right? That's basically gasoline with some alcohol added, should run on most machines.
  21. Looks a bit like the Bentley Dominator to me... awful.
  22. wow thats dirt... and btw moosquad i love your quote, its from early on in the nfs underground career mode is it not? ive beaten that game twice lmao... the game itself isnt that bad, but the ricey ideas kill me!

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