Sport Auto 1/09: "old supercars comparo" scans

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  1. Scans here please....
  2. here you are, but not a head-to-head test, just a comparo of specs and market values
  3. even though, the Bugatti EB110, from which only 115 pices were made from 1992 to 1995, is crowned the winner of that comparo since this powerfulhigh-tech package is available at a reasonable price, compared to all the others it is a real bargain, it is reliable and exclusive, always comes with low mileage, what more do you want?
    market value 220,000-270,000 EUR

    the Ferrari F40, from which 1315 pieces were made from 1987 to 1994, is much less exclusive but more expensive to get and to maintain. Ofent the service status is unclear, buying a F40 means to run a service at 5,000 EUR first, the main drive belt also might have to be repalced at 1,200 EUR, every 10 years the two rubber fuel tanks have to be replaced at 10,000 EUR.

    market value rund about 300,000 EUR, more than the list price when new bur even though the hype, when it acheived 2,7 million in a 1999 Chritsies auction, long is over.

    the price for the Lamborghini Diablo, built from 1990 to 1992, total prduction 2807 pieces,, has fallen to the level of a BMW M3 mainly because of the poor quality, the older the worse it is. Even serial faults have not been cured during production

    later models are a bit more reliable, price for modles build as from 1999 rise up to 100,000, the rare Dialo GT, from which only 80 pices were build after Lambo was taken over by Audi are more expensive and amy cost more than 200,000 EUR

    the Mclaren F1, from which only 72 pieces were made and only 70 pieces only are still alive, crashes of former BMW boss Bernd Pischetsriederand comedian Rowan Atkinson caused the death of minimum 2 of them.

    the price of 2 million EUR is much too expensive, mainteneance is exclusive handled by authorized Mclaren workshops or at Woking by Ron Dennis himself only. To keep it alive, running and worthy, every 3,000 kms or 6 month, a 5,000 EUR service has to be carried out. the main service every 10,000 kms or 18 months costs 50,000 EUR, not a bargain at all

    market value 1,9 -2 milliuon EUR

    the Porsche GT1, from which only 24 road going cars were build from 1996 to 1997, comes in 2nd place. Is is much more relaibe than the F40, Diablo or F1, jsut like a Porsche has to be even though the engine was derived directly from the most succcesful sports portotype ever, the 956 and 962. Even though the GT1 is no proven Le Mans winner, it was beaten twice by the mighty CLK-GTR, ot comes with the heritage of a proven Le Mans winner. Maintenenace is not problem at all, can be carried out by every Porsche dealer

    marekt value has rised from 1,5 million DM to now 1,4 million EUR, always a good buy

    the Mercedes CLK-GTR is more like a brute race car compared to the others. Its is very excluive, fast and expensive, a proven Le Masn winner. Relaibilty and mainteneance is no big problem and will be carried out by HWA in Afolterbach excslively.

    price has fallen from 3 million DM in 1998 to 800,000 EUR

    service, spare parts and maintenance, these are the weak points of the Jaguar XJ 220, from whoch only 280 pieces were made, as there are just a very few authorized dealers and workshops and it even is ahrd to get the rare 17 inch tyres. Like as with the F40, the rubber fuel tanks have to be replaced every 5 to 10 years.

    as there is not that much interest in the XJ 220, the market price is just about 150,000 EUR and more depending on the service status
  4. I would question Sport Auto on alot of things that were said in those articles.
  5. Can't believe the value of the 911 GT1 is 1.4 million euros.

    Do want it though.
  6. why?
  7. According to Sport Auto, the F1 isn't a 'bargin' at all.
  8. F40 Please
  9. heavily overpriced, extreme high maintenance costs <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  10. As you can see some photos were taken at Auto Salon Singen, who have one listed for sale... so I'd guess they would know more or less <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  11. when did the CLK GTR become a proven Le Mans winner?
  12. just give me a F50 !
  13. I highly doubt the Bugatti is more reliable than the F40. Doesnt it have a 48 valve quad turbo v12? Also 5000km service intervals on the Mclaren F1 seem to be a bit close? and $50,000 for a 10,000km service? Really?
  14. The Bugatti is supposedly reliable as #$%#k. McLaren is a much wilder, older car. Less Reliable.
  15. F40 is said to have decent reliability. It's simple and low-tech, built with proven technologies.
  16. The Bugatti has a 60 valve V12.
  17. Amen
  18. what are your sources? Especially considering the Mclaren is actually newer than the Bugatti. It also has a BMW engine which i would think would be much more reliable than a Bugatti engine. Isnt the Mclaren F1 engine essentially 2 M3 engines with a common block?
  20. OMFG my bad. I thought he was talking about the Veyron. Didn't realize is was EB110.
  21. Also im pretty sure Rowan Atkinson did not write off his F1. I know he crashed it, but im pretty sure it was repaired. I know an Aussie bloke in one of the channel islands wrote his off and killed himself and 2 secretaries when the engine block went through the cabin.
  22. Christopher Dawes.

    IIRC the car was a similar colour to Atkinson's though so that could be a cause for confusion, and of course Rowan did nearly total his.

    Anyway it's bullshit reasoning that the F1 wouldn't win purely because they cost so much now, good luck trying to find someone to service an EB110.

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