Sports car for the old guys :)

Discussion in '2002 Jaguar S-Type R' started by Shaitan, Oct 18, 2002.

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    ooooooo i dont think so......
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    M5 is overpriced (9,000 more than the SR) though performance is really belongs to the Jag, and reliablity, also belongs to the Jag.
    if you want more perofmrance out of the Jag, there are options.
    the Paramount Jaguar upgrade is the most desireable.
    so no, they're not for old guys
    but rather with people who knows taste
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    You gotta love Jag. I just went out and bought a 2003 S Type R. 4.2 400 bhp, supercharged. I think that they can be for any age, its all about what you can afford. I'm only 22 yrs old. Everyone that I know respects the car they just don't have the cash sometimes.
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    you are 22 and you own a $35K+ car? hmmm...ok..anyways, alls I got to say is DAMN this S-Type is beautiful!!! I love the grille, it is reminiscent of the old & beautiful Jaguar XK120's..and I love the body style, I do vaguely see some XK120 lines in it, specially along the doors and rear quarter panels..and it still retains those classic Jaguar lines..I saw a $34,500 2003 Jag X-Type at the new mall out here on display in the mall, and to see that or any Jag up close is a rewarding experience, and an education in British engineering and design...I love Jaguars!
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    No way, the M5 actually beats this thing, in a write up in an australian car magazine (MOTOR) they compared the M5 and this, and the M5 won, it has better handling and power. however, the M5 will be knocked off its title soon, with that goddam 350 kw E55 AMG supercharged 5ltr V8 coming next year. however, the new M5 is going to come out with a 5.5 ltr V10..rumors suggest at the moment that it will have about 370 kW!!!
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    Yep, i read that. And where did you hear this bullshit about A V10?
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