Squid pops out of beer bottle

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, May 16, 2011.

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  2. oh damn thought MaleficZ would pop out of it

  3. you mean octopus.
  4. thats one badass squid.
  5. get out of my bierflis, woont
  6. Is that beer is squid skunked?
  7. It's brown bottle so it should only be minimalskunk
  8. skunk pack
  9. pretty sure that's not a skunk.
  10. octopus is the underwater skunk spraying his stink on everyone
  11. Probably tastes delicious, marinated in beer.
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  13. great we spend however hundreds of millions of dollars to put calamari into space so the russians have something to fry when they get hungry. yay nasa.
  14. Stephen Baxter - Space (published. 2000) ISBN 0-345-43077-8

    Sheena didn't mean it to happen.Of course not; she knew the requirements of the mission as well as anyone. She had her duty to NASA. She understood that. But it felt so right.
    * * *

    It came after the kill.

    The night was over. The sun, a fat ball of light, was already glimmering above the water surface.

    Court me. Court me.
    See my weapons!
    I am strong and fierce.
    Stay away! Stay away! She is mine! ...

    It was the ancient cephalopod language, a language of complex skin patterns, body posture, texture, words of sex and danger and food; and Sheena shoaled and sang with joy.
    Now this guy is a real futurist. I read this book in school.
  15. any cephalopod experts here?
  16. Ohhhh good rob is here
    now i know I'm not the only one rocking a boner after seeing that slutty squidipus force itself through that gape
  17. Paul,
    Follow me to the aquarium
  18. i dont even get invited anymore
  19. Whens the last time you put anything in your anoos you godam prude
  20. who's this noob talking shit?
  21. omg i'm not a ceph addict
  22. Lol
  23. yo, it's alphonse here, #$%#ing better than a chop on the fire
    #$%#ing dance bro
    #$%#ing check it out
    here he #$%#ing comes now
    hos ya
  24. An annoying noob somebody ban him, mods
  25. dans dans dans ik wil #$%#ing #$%#ing dans

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