SSC announces the EV: 1200 hp electric supercar!!!

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  1. WOW, but how realistic is this?:

    2009 SSC EV - 200 Mile Range and 10 Minute Recharge

    SSC Announces Green Technologies Revealing Revolutionary Battery and Electric Powertrain Technology

    West Richland, WA January 21, 2009: Shelby SuperCars (SSC) released the details today of the revolutionary electric vehicle technology to be unveiled in the second quarter of this year. SSC will reveal its innovative all-electric powertrain in the current Ultimate Aero, the Guinness Certified "Fastest Production Car in the World," to create the Ultimate Aero EV and will reinforce the company as a benchmark in the auto industry. But unlike other auto manufacturers, SSC's new technology will set a new standard in the electric car industry - one of 10 minute recharges, super horsepower and ranges of up to 200 miles per charge.

    While other auto manufacturers focus on producing Green technology for specific cars, SSC's focus is on producing Green technologies for a wide range of applications for an even wider range of vehicles. SSC's electric powertrain package, named AESP (All-Electric Scalable Powertrain) is unique due to its scalable horsepower, light weight, compact size, quick recharge time and liquid cooling.

    SSC's Nanotechnology Rechargeable Lithium Battery pack is rechargeable in only 10 minutes on a standard 110 outlet and has a 150-200 mile range on a single charge. This means that in a typical 8 hour day, the car using this technology could go 200 miles, charge for 10 minutes (the time it typically takes to fill up a tank of gas), then drive 200 more miles, charge for 10 minutes and continue on. Some other EV technologies necessitate an overnight charge creating a class of "commuter electric cars" and are not practical alternatives to gas combustion automobiles.

    The AESP's main feature is its scalability. The all-electric SUV or delivery truck is now a reality in the not-so-distant future. The AESP is scalable from 200 horsepower for economy and midsize cars, to 500 horsepower for light trucks and SUVs, and up to 1200 horsepower for delivery trucks, heavy duty equipment, buses and military vehicles. The revolutionary design proves electric-powered vehicles not only match, but also provide more linear power (electric motors have 100% torque at 0 RPM) and overall performance than internal combustion vehicles.

    All-electric. No gasoline.

    Light weight. Just a fraction of the weight of a standard combustion engine (
  2. I'll believe it when I see it. lol.
  3. Sounds great. What are they smoking over there?
  4. It will look like a Diablo.
  5. oh wow an ssc AND its electric. i couldnt care less if i tired.
  6. Again, Shelby Supercars are 10 years ahead of the current technology.
  7. um huu????
  8. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.

    lol @ taking 10 minutes to fill up a normal car. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  9. the aero was a piece of shit, this will be the same.
  10. actually it isnt, and Jay Leno actually liked it. Hes usually pretty critical of cars, so thats saying something.
  11. Thats something I dont quite get. People hate the Aero, I'm one of them... but I hate it for its looks and unnecessary hp.

    However I dont think its a POS like others. I mean does it have a documented bad performance, history of unrealibility, nightmare dealer stories, dodgy manufacturer experiences?

    Thats not a rhetorical question, I'm geniunely interesting in finding out?

    ...or do the haters hate it for the same reasons as me?
  12. I think people hate it because they see it as an uninspired Veyron wannabe. Which it might be in a way, but as a car it stands on its own apparently. Leno wasnt impressed with it at first either until he drove one. Now he highly praises it. I guess its one of those cars like the Bristol fighter that you just have to really want but otherwise wont make much of a mark or impression on anyone.
  13. I don't like it because it looks cheap.
  14. 1. Yes, it looks like a Diablo.
    2. No it doesn't look cheap, it's not a POS, and there are no documented reliability issues.
    3. No, it's NOT inspired by the Veyron. It's a true driver's car, not a GT. It has a proper manual 'box, RWD, light weight, and no stupid electronic systems.
    4. The second half of the article got cut off (too long apparently):

    Light weight. Just a fraction of the weight of a standard combustion engine (
  15. I personally love the Ultimate Aero, and would like to see this new concept in production. Of course, it sounds a bit too good to be true, but these days technology advances so quickly, it may be possible
  16. If it was a Veyron wannabe then why doesnt it weigh 4500 lbs but instead 2750 lbs or about the same as a 430 Scuderia?

    Alot of you guys here don't know what you are talking about when you even start your arguements.
  17. Third attempt to post 2nd half of article:

    Light weight. Just a fraction of the weight of a standard combustion engine (
  18. failed again. Just read the link!
  19. I never said I didnt like the car, nor did I argue about it.
    I just said why people dont like it.
  20. Well, I guess its easy to build good cars in fantasy land.
  21. has this company EVER fully delivered on their promises.... no.

    ...and they need to get rid of this Design, it looks like it was penned by an autistic child on PCP
  22. what promises did it not deliver on? Its one of the few startup supercars that has delivered. It really only had one promise, and that was top speed, which it delivered on. Handled well too according to Car and Driver, did better than an Enzo in the skid.
  23. i actually read terrible reviews about the handling/brakes.
  24. I guess so.

    It does need front nose and bonnet revamping to take away some of the kit car and 90's look, and ZR1 brakes, but really other than that it is world class.

    I actually dont think the nose of the CCX is all that hot compared to a Zonda-F either so...

    Mr Pagani really is the master of Exotics and the Zonda-F Clubsport is the ultimate exotic at any price.

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