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  1. Is it just me, or does some actors and actresses live in this so-called "Hollywood bubble" of arrogance and self-importance and think they are way above low class peons like us who buy tickets to see their movies.
  2. yup

    they dont think about regular jeans joe's like us
  3. Yet another good reason NOT to go see episode 9

    SW goes full Twilight maybe

  4. i just dont get why there are ANY females in space
  6. may he rip forever
  7. Even though this video never mentions Star Wars, it does gives us a good insight on why Disney's version of Star Wars have gone downhill so much since 2017.
  8. I think the problem with star wars is that they just want to milk the franchise without giving it a thought.
  9. you would too if you could make a billion a year by churning out rehashed bullshit + TOYS

    They own a gold mine. I've accepted that star wars is for kids and I don't bother until it's out on some streaming service
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  10. Definitely. I wish people would pay a lot of money for whatever bullshit I can come up with.
  11. you're not getting paid to post???
    go to and get that straightened out
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  12. Well, I get 30% of what they make for web traffic, but 0.08 cents can't buy much.
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  13. Teh Skywalker was not as bad as expected. It did have horrendous moments but all in all 2h20min went by quickly.
  14. I guess I'll ask the important question.
    On a scale of 1-10, how woke was it?
  15. 3/10 at this point I will not say more not to spoil anything.

    For reference I would rate Episode IV and Rogue One as 8/10. Both clean solid movies without major drawbacks. I cannot decide whether Vader as a villain should elevate both to 9/10.

    I had to google "woke" and still didn't quite understand it.
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  16. dont try


    for a kids movie! wtf

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