stats correct?

Discussion in '1999 Noble M10' started by DIUS, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. the 0-60 seems a little fast for it's bhp/tonne.
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    Look how much it weighs!
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    i doubt they are correct...i had swapped a 4age into my car, ran full cat-less exuast, 10lb 15" rims, bigger intake manifold, cold air, gutted it out except for the two front seats...and at a stock 2097 lbs i still don't think i was running 5.9 0-60...
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    gearing. look at eh elise car and driver says 4.5 to sixty. it weighs about 1900 ( i think) and has like 22 more hp than this.
  5. Yes you're right
  6. Yes you're right

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